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BWaB Bachelor in Paradise Week 1 - Summer in the Fall!

Paradise is back! After a so so season of the Bachelorette, we are getting rewarded for why we watch this show in the first place: Bachelor in Paradise. A bunch of favorites from the past few seasons are back on the beach for this season of Bachelor in Paradise.

Here is who on the beach to start of the show (from order of when I saw them on my screen):

  • Hunter

  • Johnny

  • Serene

  • Brandon

  • Kira

  • Jacob

  • Genevieve

  • Shanae

  • Justin

  • Jill

  • Michael A

  • Andrew S

  • Teddi

  • Casey

  • Hailey

  • Brittany

  • Sierra

  • Lace

  • Logan

  • Romeo

Majority of the girls are from Clayton's season. I think Lace might be the only one who wasn't on Clayton's season, there might be 1 or 2 more but a lot of them came from Clayton's season.

As for the men, we have a good sprinkle from the past few seasons. Michael A, Justin and Andrew S all from Katie's season, Brandon and Romeo from Michelle's season, and Johnny, Jacob and Logan from Rachel/Gabby's season.

Another first timer on the beach this season is host Jesse Palmer! Didn't really mention him too much last season, but Jesse has now done a season of the Bachelor, the Bachelorette and now Paradise. It looks like it is his job to keep until he is ready to move on from the franchise. I like Jesse! I think it is nice to have the same host across all of the franchises and he is pretty funny in those commercials to sign up for the Bachelor. And he is able to handle the room well during those live shows they have!

Back on the beach, there are some strong connections forming fast! We had multiple people kiss in the day portion day 1! Normally it takes until the night for the kissing to begin.

Here are some of the people that kissed on the first day:

  • Jacob and Shanae (first kiss)

  • Brandon and Serene

  • Justin and Genevieve

  • Teddi and Andrew

  • Johnny and Hunter

  • Casey and Lace

  • Romeo and Jill

A clear favorite on the beach is Michael A! He is given the best one liners on the show and instantly gets you to root for him. I mean one this clips from the episode:

He is giving Joe vibes from the last season. Seems like he will play mayor until he is ready to go home! I have hard time seeing him start something with these youthfuls, feel like he will maybe start something if a girl a little older comes down as he is 38 years old.

Two other things that were notable from the first episode. A quick one: Lace faked her birthday. She worked with our favorite bartender Wells to tell people it was her birthday so people would pay attention to her! It worked out well until Logan called her the wrong name. Luce was not happy...

The other thing to note was we had our first date card! Andrew S received the first date card and he chose to take Teddi on the date. This has been a couple that Bachelor nation wanted to see happen, so it was no surprise why Andrew took her. Initial date seem awkward, but they both seem to really like each other and the night led to a smooch.

Right before the episode ended, Victoria F from Peter season entered the beach. It is crazy that she is back! After the showed her we got a teaser for the season:

After Episode Thoughts

You always need a good Paradise episode to remind you why you watch this series. Paradise is way more interesting and light hearted than the Bachelor and the Bachelorette. I like to think, you watch those seasons so you have favorites to watch during Paradise.

From the looks of it, it will be another good season. Entertaining at least. And we will see who becomes a couple from it! Looking forward to seeing what happens each Monday and Tuesday night moving on for the next weeks.


Thanks for reading.


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