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BWaB Bachelor in Paradise Week 5 - Who survived Split Week?

The ladies finally return to the beach this week to see the new connections that have formed at the beach. Before we get into who is now with who, we got to see what happened with Lace and Rodney?!

Last week's episode left us on a cliffhanger that Lace was on the beach waiting for Rodney. Rodney was just getting back from his date with Eliza that went really well. When he saw her on the beach, he realized that he had to have the tough conversation earlier than he thought. Rodney and Lace breakup and Lace goes home.

The other two couples to watch before the ladies came back were Logan and Kate, Victoria and Alex. Logan is going to go into the world records book with the most amount of dates on Bachelor in Paradise. Logan went on a date with Shanae, then with Sarah, and now with Kate. Kate decides she wants to switch from Jacob to Logan and they go on a date. After the date they decide they are going to stay together and try to become a couple.

At the estates, Alex is the person that picks up Victoria in that promo clip. She wants to give Alex a shot because he checks all of her boxes! Johnny, who was Victoria's guy at the beach, has not talk to any of the girls, so this should bring some drama at the beach.

Girls finally back on the beach

The first to rekindle is Genevieve and Aaron. She was freaking out, thinking that Aaron had started a relationship with the other ladies at the beach. Aaron and Genevieve talk and realize they both waited for each other and feel like their connection has gotten a lot stronger.

Another couple that became stronger from this was Brandon and Serene. Brandon tells Serene when she came to the beach that he is in love with her, and she said it back. Right now they are the strongest couple on the beach and most likely to get engaged at the end of this.

Jill on the other hand thought she was coming back to the beach to have a similar reunion with her man Jacob. Jacob tried to start something with Kate, and they smooched, but Kate chose Logan. With that being said, Jacob realized that Jill wasn't his person and decided to end things. Jill also leaves the beach.

Shanae and Logan's conversation was the most explosive of the group. Shanae wasn't able to start something with Tyler so she tried to go back to Logan. Logan told Shanae that he is going to pursue Kate instead. Shanae ended up getting pretty frustrated and what was interesting was the beach was trying to make her a villain again. For most of the season, Shanae has been getting a good edit but the things the other paradise goers were saying didn't fully match.

The last to connect was Victoria and Johnny. Johnny didn't take it well when Victoria said she wants to keep talking to Alex. That love triangle is probably going to be a big storyline going into next week. Johnny mentioned a couple of times that he would leave because he doesn't want to be a second choice, so will be interesting to see if he follows through.

After the "explosions" that happened on the beach, the group got all together for a party at night and the other three men joined the beach: Tyler, Alex and the Australian guy. I think they kept the Australian guy for the Australian girl. What is also interesting is they didn't get rid of the girls who didn't make a connection, just the men who were at the estates.

The episode ended on the cliffhanger of the love triangle so we will probably start back up there.

After Episode Thoughts

Felt like these two episodes were dragging. They probably could have made this one episode and cut some stuff out. And as a viewer everything was pretty predictable because we knew everything that was going on. There was no suspense on who they would choose because we already knew.

I think the idea of Split week was interesting. If they were to do it again, I feel like it should be an even playground for them. It seem like the girls hated the estates where as the guys were loving the beach. If they can get another beach or split up the beach somehow, I feel like that would be better.

Also, Justin is coming back! I think this is the first time someone who got eliminated is getting a second chance during the season but is interesting they let him back to the beach.


Thanks for reading.


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