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BWaB Bachelor In Paradise Week 6 - Who rejoined the beach?!

This week felt like an episode too long. A lot of fluff for this week's episode. I will cut most of it out and focus mostly on the meat of what happened this week!

The week started off with a rose ceremony. The girls were the ones handing out the roses. Before the rose ceremony they shared Sarah had to go home for family reasons so one guy was getting eliminated. Roses:

Serene -> Brandon

Danielle -> Michael A

Eliza -> Rodney

Genevieve -> Aaron

Jessenia -> Andrew

Brittany -> Tyler

Kate -> Logan

Shanae -> Jacob

Victoria -> Johnny

Florence -> Alex

Adam gets sent home.

After the rose ceremony, the next date card went to Victoria and she took Johnny. They got the date because they just got out of the love triangle and chose each other. On the date they shared they are falling in love!

The big news from the week is that Justin came back to the beach! He came down because he wanted a chance to chat with Eliza. Justin did come down with a date card and asked Eliza to go on it. When Eliza talked to Rodney about the date, she didn't love how he reacted to it so she decided to go and have fun. This turned into the biggest drama of the week as Eliza and Justin hit it off, and she is going to have to chose one of them at some point.

Other things from the week:

The twins who got sent home on night one of Gabby/Rachel's season came to the beach.

Hayden came to the beach and shared that he spent 6 figures on his dog to get a procedure.

Aaron and Genevieve seem to find something to fight on constantly. They seem to be struggling on the communication front. But it leads to a happy ending because they shared that they are both falling in love with each other.

Overall, I feel like things could have been cut out so we didn't want to watch this much just to get the new love triangle and to get Aaron and Genevieve to admit they are falling in love.

After Episode Thoughts

This season is really pushing it with these two episodes. I do think that there are sometimes weeks where it is warranted to have two episodes, but to have to watch 4 hours of content every week is a lot. And there doesn't feel like there is much reward for doing it.

It does seem like there are some strong couples on this beach. Brandon and Serene are very strong, Michael A and Danielle look happy, and there are a few couples they aren't sharing on the screen, which normally means they aren't drama and they have solid connections. It will be interesting who is willing to get engaged and who will decide to just date after the show.

Hopefully they have a strong week next week because this double dipping in the week is asking a lot of the viewer. Hopefully they have decision week soon so we can start focusing more on the couples and not on the drama.


Thanks for reading.

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