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BWaB Bachelor in Paradise Week 7 - Getting to the end of this process

The drama this week was pretty drawn out! We had two love triangles that we were following: Eliza with Justin and Rodney plus Kate with Logan and Hayden. The Kate love triangle seem like it was over pretty quickly as her and Logan had a Notebook like make out in the rain.

As for the Eliza one, it seem like that wasn't decided until the rose ceremony. Here are how the roses went:

Genevieve -> Aaron

Jessenia -> Andrew

Brittany -> Tyler

Victoria -> Johnny

Danielle -> Michael

Serene -> Brandon

Florence -> Justin the twin

Shanae -> Joey the twin

Kate -> Logan

Eliza ---------> Rodney

Jacob, Alex, Hayden, and Justin for the second time goes home.

But the story isn't over with this love triangle! Eliza when she sent Justin home was pretty devastated. And the whole next morning she was crying about him. It got to a point that she was in bed all day.

When she did come out of bed, she grabbed Rodney and told him how she was feeling. But while she was sharing her feelings, she realized that she believes Justin was the one for her and they didn't have enough time. So she dumped Rodney and went off to Baltimore to see Justin, which is how the show ends.

The only other thing to note was Danielle and Michael got another date, this time they got to spend some time with Wells in the city.

After Episode Thoughts

It was nice to have just one episode this week, compared to the two we have been seeing all season. But I was little surprised there wasn't a bigger twist in this episode since it was just the one. I thought we would have gotten the you have to choose if you want to be a couple conversations they normally have, but instead got a different cliffhanger.

Overall it feels like there are a lot of strong couples on the beach. I could potentially see 3 or 4 making it to the end in terms of being there for the proposal. How many relationships make it out of this I am not sure, but feel confident that we will have a few proposals to watch at the end.


Thanks for reading.


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