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BWaB BIP Week 1 - Paradise is Back!

Updated: May 19, 2022

Zoom Call Summary: 23 of our favorite Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants show up to the beach! Some notables include: Abigail, Brendan, Kelsey, Grocery Store Joe, and Serena P. David Spade is our first host with Wells is back as our bartender. The beach is located in Sayulita, Mexico.

Very initial couples, let me re-phrase, people who smooched on night one:

Connor B and Mariussa

Ivan and Jessenia

Aaron and Tammy

Noah and Abigail

Kenny and Mari

Joe and Serena P

According the the teaser trailer for the rest of the season, it is going to be a drama filled season.

Keep reading to hear a full breakdown of the episode, my thoughts on the new hosts, and our new Bach Bracket that you could join for FREE!


The Full Breakdown

We can skip over the first 30 minutes of the episode. It was re introducing us to all of the contestants from the past couple of years. From the 23 that came down the beach, we have at least one contestant from Katie's, Peter's, Becca's, Matt's, and Claire/Tayshia's season. There were only two people who are on the beach that have been to the beach before, showing us how long it has been since the last Bachelor in Paradise season. The guys will be given out the roses as there are 13 girls and 10 guys.

The beauty of Bachelor in Paradise is there are so many different couples and people one gets to watch during an episode. Instead of like a Katie and Greg taking up half an episode, most couples get at most 2 segments dedicated towards them. Allows there to be more action and more fun to the show.

Besides the couples that I mentioned above who kissed night one, there was also our first one-on-one date. How it works: when the guys are given out the roses, the girls are the ones who get the date cards. Then they get to choose who they want to take on the date. The first date card went to Abigail and she took Noah. They seemed to have a good time and potentially will be a strong couple throughout the season.


The Hosts

From all the trailers, we know other celebrities are coming throughout the season. But to start us off, we got David Spade. I personally like things David Spade is in, not necessary like him as the lead in his movies. He was pretty funny as the host in the first episode, and I feel like he will bring a light heart dynamic with Wells, who is also pretty funny.


BIP Bach Bracket

This season, we are trying out a free bracket. To play, just create an account and join our league here:

Here are the rules!

There are also negative points that they can get. Each episode you pick 6 contestants who you think will rack up the most points. Then the next day the leaderboard will be reset with the points. It is fun, it is free, and gives you another way to watch this season of Bachelor in Paradise. If you are interested, again just follow the link here:


Thanks for reading.

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