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BWaB BIP Week 4 - Were They Dating Before Paradise?

Updated: May 19, 2022

Zoom Call Summary: Kendall, Grocery Store Joe's Ex, comes to the beach and they have a talk. After the talk, Kendall decides to stay on the beach. Pieper finally comes down to the beach and takes Brendan on a date. At the end of Monday's episode, it is pretty clear that they were dating before Paradise, and then came to the beach so they could become famous together.

Tuesday's episode we have new guest host Titus Burgess join!

Titus comes with a VIP party, where only half of the contestants got invited. Some notables who got the invite: Becca, Thomas, Jessenia, and Chris C. At the VIP party, four new girls end up joining the party: McKenna, Alayah, Chelsea, and Alana. Chris and Alana talk right away and start making out... They made out the whole night and something seemed fishy, where they might have know each other before the show. This rubs the beach the wrong way, and they confront Chris once they are back from Alana's one-on-one date.

Tuesday night also had two other dates. Chelsea joins the beach and takes Aaron on the date. They go horse back riding. Becca gets a date card later in the day, and takes Thomas on the date. The guys who don't like Thomas start murmuring that it is a little strange that he said he wanted to be the Bachelor and then is on a date with a former Bachelorette. Who knows if he is being genuine, only time will tell. Here are the people left on the beach

The Guys 9

Grocery Store Joe









The Girls 16








Serena P








The guys have the roses this week, so whenever the rose ceremony happens, 7 girls will be sent home. That is the most that any amount have been sent home in Bachelor in Paradise history! For the rest of the blog, I am going to breakdown the Pieper/Brendan situation.


Pieper and Brendan

Back before the summer, there were rumors that Brendan and Pieper were dating. They were spotted a few times together and the tabloids gave them some good media. But then we see Brendan day one on the beach. Other contestants who had seem the rumors before they came to the beach wanted to get to the bottom of it. Brendan thought he did a good job with explaining what they were to Natasha and group, and then Pieper came to the beach.

Brendan had probably been on the beach for 10 days give or take before Pieper came. Meaning, Brendan had to figure out how to stay on the beach for 10 days until Pieper came. He decided to partner up with Natasha and use her to stay around. Brendan knew that if he could stay on the beach long enough for Pieper to come down, then he can have one bad conversation with Natasha and the world can follow his and Pieper's love story.

The red flag that got everyone was when Pieper chose who to take on her date. Normally, when a new person comes to the beach, they read the date card and then talk to a few potential people. Pieper read the date card and then said "Brendan will you go on this date"! That was not smart. The whole point of the show is to get to meet new people and see if you can find love in paradise. If Brendan was the guy you wanted, that is great, but you could have played the game a little and talked to a couple of guys before you picked Brendan.

Then to make it worse, after their date they were just attached at the hip. They looked like they were boyfriend and girlfriend. The main takeaway is: why are you on the beach? If you already found your person, why did you have to bring the relationship to the beach. The reason they did that is for followers. When you see below, it doesn't seem like it is working at the way they thought!

They have both lost more followers in 24 hours then they gained over the whole season. So much for getting those followers.


The Bach Bracket

I am officially playing by myself this season, which I will take as a personal win! In another league I am in, a league hosted by Bachelor Nation's Ben Higgins and Ashley I, I am in 58th out of 1,000. Slowly moving up the leaderboard. Still not really sure on the rules, I just pick the people that get teased in the promo if it looks like they go on a date.


Thanks for reading.


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