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BWaB Clayton's Season Week 2 - The only thing Clayton knows about the girls are their tongues

Updated: May 19, 2022

Zoom Call Summary: Two group dates and a one-on-one. Like 8 girls are on the first group date. The date said this is what dreams are made of, and if you didn't get who was hosting from that, Hillary Duff was the host for the date. They set up a birthday party for a girl name Maya.

One of the girls, Cassidy, is becoming a quick villain on this show. She did not have fun on this date, and spent more time talking to Hillary than help set up for the party. But Clayton like how she was being assertive with him and he gave her the group date rose.

For the first one-on-one, Susie got the date. She got an awesome date! Susie and Clayton took a private helicopter around LA and landed on a yacht where they spent the day. From what we have seen, Clayton likes Susie a lot and it seems like Susie will be around for a while. I would get use to that name!

On the second group date, like 10 girls went on it and they played Red Flags with Ziwe, who is a comedian. They asked some questions that everyone answered honestly, and I guess taught Clayton some things about the girls. The big thing from this was this girl Shanae going after Elizabeth. Shanae is getting like Bachelor lessons from Cassidy, which they showed a bunch of cutaways of them talking about how to do well. After her conversations on this date, it is clear that Shanae is going to be another villain on this season. Another name to remember is Sarah. She got the second group date rose.

At the cocktail party, more of the girls started disliking Shanae, as she said some hurtful things to Elizabeth. The girls really don't seem to like her. We didn't get a rose ceremony because the big cliffhanger is Cassidy has a friends with benefit back home and they were talking right before the show aired. From the conversation it seems like they would go back to it after she was on the show. The episode ends with Clayton asking Jesse if anyone has ever taking a rose back.


Thoughts on the Girls so far

The girls seem good. To be honest it is hard to learn the names of the good ones. When they show the meaningful and heartfelt conversations they are super quick and lead to Clayton's tongue down their throats. I get that Clayton has to sample all of the products, but maybe a cumulative of 7 minutes of the show this week was watching him kiss a girl.

Hopefully over the following weeks we can learn a little more about these girls. Until then, we will see what happens with the two villains that emerged this week: Cassidy and Shanae.


Thanks for reading.


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