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BWaB Clayton's Season Week 10 - Now That's a Finale! 🤯

Updated: May 19, 2022

Everyone at House Enterprise has been talking about how crazy March is! But I don't think anyone was expecting the ending of the Bachelor to add to the madness. The two episodes this week had to be the most dramatic finale we have ever had. Take Pilot Pete's finale and times it by 25.

Zoom Call Summary: Clayton is happily in a relationship with... SUSIE! Gabby and Rachel are going to be JOINT bachelorettes next season.

So how the hell did we get here?! How are Susie and Clayton still together? And more importantly, how did Iceland finished? Keep reading to find out!


The Rose Ceremony of Hell

After all we have seen over the two episodes, people will forget that Monday's episode started with the craziest rose ceremony we have ever seen. We finally saw Clayton say to Rachel and Gabby that he was intimate and in love with BOTH of them. Watch at your own risk.

The main takeaway from this part of the finale was that Clayton somehow convinced both women to come back and to do the rose ceremony, which at this point seem like the most pointless thing. There was also a big kicker that Clayton seem to omit. He told the girls that he was being super transparent with them, but he forgot one key thing: he told Susie that he loved her the most...

The rose ceremony happens, Rachel is first and she accepts the rose. Gabby decides that she is NOT going to accept the rose!

Gabby told Clayton that she could not accept because she is no consolation prize. Somehow, really don't know what he said that switched her mind, but Gabby decided that she would stay and move on with him.

You think that was a lot, it is crazy but we haven't even scratched the surface!


Meet the Family

This feels almost pointless at this point, so I will go fast. Both Gabby and Rachel met the family literally a day or two after this big fight they had with Clayton. They also haven't had a chance to chat with Clayton and talk about what happened. Producers are like, time to meet the family. Clayton's dad summed it up perfectly.

Clayton told his parents everything that has happened in Iceland, and they were like what are you doing my guy. It seemed like Clayton's dad was a fan of Gabby, and Clayton's mom was a fan of Rachel. But again, who cares because of what happens next.

After his date with Rachel, who went second, Clayton starts to share that his heart is with someone else. And Jesse comes to Clayton and drops the bomb that Susie is still in Iceland! The first episode ends with a "are you fucking kidding me", after all we have seen Susie is still in the picture.

One thing to note was during the first live episode they had a few Bachelor nation favorites share some of their thoughts on what they are seeing. A few notable were Nick Viall and Clare Crowley, and they are both sharing that Clayton is screwing this up, which if they are saying this then he really is messing it up.


What is Susie going to do?!

Tuesday's episode starts with Susie. Jesse goes to see Susie and lets her know that Clayton has been hurting, and would really like to see her. Susie seems to think about it and then decides to go see Clayton, who is currently with his parents. Clayton and Susie have a nice chat and it seems like their relationship is turning a corner. Susie ends up leaving to think over everything she just heard and if she wants to move forward.

I will say, she seem sort of interested in the moment, but it seem like it was going to take a lot for them to get back to a good spot in their relationship. But now that Clayton finally committed to pursing Susie, he know needs to break it off with Gabby and Rachel. That is going well...


The Break-Up

This isn't the first time we have had a Bachelor break up with multiple women after he committed early to someone. If you remember back to Colton's season, Colton had to break up with Tayshia and Hannah B in their rooms as he was sold on Cassie being his person.

So going into the break ups I was expecting something like that to happen. What we got was 100x more cringe. Clayton was like I can save my words and just get a two for one on this breakup. You are reading that correctly, Clayton did a group break up! Group break up!! Clayton gave more respect to the women he just didn't give a rose to, a group break up was tough to see. Especially if these were women you supposedly love.

Gabby thank goodness went to another room so we got to see them talk separately.

Gabby went into Clayton when she got the chance. Just told him that you didn't truly love me if you made me go through all of that bullshit. The kicker was in the audience we had Gabby's grandfather and Rachel's dad, and the camera kept cutting to both of them. I couldn't imagine having to watch your daughter/granddaughter get broken up with, let alone the whole nation watching your reaction.

Back to the break up, so Gabby walked out with pride and just shock of the bullshit she just had to deal with. Rachel, she was a little more emotional. She told Clayton that this decision is going to haunt him. Right before Rachel went into the car, she was like are you actually putting me in this car, shocked that the relationship was over.

Both had a chance to chat with Clayton on stage, and both got their tell Clayton their thoughts. The big takeaway was that Clayton should have treated them better, and he should have been better with his words. In that moment, Clayton got everything he deserved, and I think it was good for the girls to get to put him in his place. TBH it seems like all for what though, as you will see in the next part.


Gabby and Rachel are gone, what is Susie going to do?

It is hard to tell how much time Susie and Clayton actually got to spend together in Iceland. From what it seems, they really only got minutes, and they were all on camera. After Susie left, Clayton sent Susie a long note saying all of his feelings. He asked her to meet in the countryside, as they had it set up for a potential proposal. Wait, a potential proposal?! How the hell did we get there. They haven't spent any alone time together, she hasn't spent time with the family, they haven't had a chance to chat about the fight, how could they get engaged?! This show...

Out of all odds, Susie shows up at the spot. Clayton gives a long speech saying how he feels, and how serious he feels about her, but long story short, Susie decides to leave Iceland alone.

Everyone might have jumped their gone on their excitement, because the world thought Clayton was single. NOPE. Susie shows up at the live show to say that Clayton and her are dating. They are also moving in together in Virginia. So after all of this craziness we have gone through over the past couple of nights, Clayton found happiness and got what he wants.

All in all, I am happy for them. Hopefully it works out, I think they are taking the right steps to hopefully make it work. Time will tell on this one, but I don't think anyone was thinking that him and Susie were going to still be together.


The Next Bachelorette(s)?!

Jesse tells us that the next Bachelorette is not going to be Gabby or Rachel, it is going to be both Gabby and Rachel!

There is a big difference here than what they did with Kaitlyn and Bri's season, both Gabby and Rachel will be there the whole season. Still, I think that it isn't the smartest idea, as this gives the guy more control in a season where the woman is suppose to have all of the control. I am curious to see how Gabby and Rachel's relationship is after their season, and will a guy get in the way of that. Jesse will also be coming back as host, so no more Tayshia and Kaitlyn.

All in all, I think this was one of the craziest and wildest finales we have ever had. My eyes were glued to the TV the whole time, just in genuine shock we what I was seeing. Good luck to Gabby and Rachel in their season, and best of luck to Susie and Clayton, I hope they are able to handle the backlash that they might receive post the season.


Thanks for reading.


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