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BWaB Clayton's Season Week 7 - Down to the Final Four? That was quick

Updated: May 19, 2022

Zoom Call Summary: The night started with 9 girls. We picked up back in Hvar at the cocktail party/rose ceremony. The night had a little Sarah-Mara drama but soon enough that is over as Clayton sends two girls home at the ceremony: Mara and Eliza. Now we are down to 7, which normally means the last week before the hometown dates.

The girls and Clayton are off to Vienna, Austria, where there were three dates. Susie got the first one-on-one, and I think the date Susie got is what most girls hope to get. This was the date where she gets all the fancy clothes and gets to go shopping on the show's budget.

I mean that seems like a cute date. If I remember correctly, Susie was the one that got the helicopter date into the hot tub on the yacht, so I would say Susie is easily winning the dates this season. They have been pulling all the stops out for her.

Rachel, Genevieve, Teddi, Gabby and Sarah get the group date. They got maybe even a better date than Susie, they got to go to couples counseling. But all jokes aside, it did seem to help Clayton to go on this date, as he was able to send a couple girls home through this experience.

Genevieve was the first to go. It seem like walls were coming up and Clayton felt they couldn't get to the next step if her walls were still up. Then at the afterparty, tensions were high because the girls felt Sarah was trying to mess were their relationship with Clayton. Rachel in particular was like, why is she sharing so much about their first one-on-one. Sarah seem to play some mind games with the girls as Gabby and Teddi backed up what Rachel was saying.

Sarah went with the card that she had a target on her back, which I believe is true, but who know who is telling the truth. Maybe the truth is somewhere in the middle. But because of the drama, Clayton decided he couldn't get there with Sarah and sent her packing.

Serene gets the other one-on-one date. Wasn't too memorable beside she said she was falling in love and she got the rose.

At the rose ceremony, we got two this episode, Clayton gave roses to Rachel and Gabby, meaning Teddi was the 5th person eliminated this episode.

All in all that is a lot of people to lose in one episode, but I am hear for it. It seem like the drama was stalling and now we can focus more on the relationships. I am excited to learn when this whole sleeping with multiple people happens, hopefully it is in two weeks! Hopefully it isn't a cliffhanger too and he says the words just for us to get a To Be Continued. That would be obnoxious.


Thanks for reading.

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