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BWaB Clayton's Season Week 9 - Who does Clayton love the most?

Updated: May 19, 2022

Zoom Call Summary: Two nights of the Bachelor this week! Night one was the Women Tell All. There is some stuff to unpack there, but the main takeaway was that the girls were really aggressive towards Shanae and towards Clayton. People who got the hot seat: Shanae, Shanae with Genevieve, Sarah, Teddi, Serene and Clayton.

The second night was for fantasy suites. They flew out to Iceland for the final leg of this journey. Side note, that is something that never makes sense. Why do we go to Europe, go back to the states, go to LA just for the rose ceremony, and then go back to Europe. The logistics chair needs to be fired.

The order of the fantasy suites: Rachel, Gabby, and Susie. They all had really cool dates. Rachel and Clayton took a helicopter to go inside a volcano. Gabby and Clayton went dune buggying on the beaches of Iceland. Susie and Clayton had a spa day at a really cool location. The big thing to know from the fantasy suite night: Susie would not be able to move forward if Clayton is intimate with another girl. But Susie did not share this until her date, which if you remember Susie was the one to go last. Clayton was honest with her that he was intimate with a girl and Susie was like I am done. Similar to what Colton did, Clayton said f*** it and shared that Susie was his winner, and if she shared this information earlier, he probably would have adjusted the week.

Just like that, Clayton put her in a car and she was out of here. So from all of the trailers, we finally know what is going on. Susie is the one that made Clayton blow up outside, and she is the one that has the tough discussion with Clayton. Clayton tells Rachel and Gabby that he is in love and slept with both of them when they are standing two feet from each other, Susie is not there. There is also a good chance that neither of the girls will meet Clayton's family but maybe that is a misdirection from the producers. I mean they had me thinking that Gabby was the one he had the big blowup with.

Even though it was 4 hours of television, night two was worth the extra time. We finally understand what everyone is talking about where this might not be over, as things are starting to blow up. First one down is Susie, it will be interesting to see how things go with Rachel and Gabby.


The Women Tell All

To jump back to night one, the women tell all was loud. If I had to describe in one word, loud would be my word. The girls were just in a yelling mood, trying to get their 10 seconds of fame. For whatever reason, they all wanted to go after Shanae, and they did it as a group. I understand Shanae said a lot of stuff behind people's back, but they could have done a better job talking to her at the tell all. Instead, they all took it to be loud and shout things at Shanae.

There are a couple people who I would like to see on paradise after the women tell all. Teddi, Kira and Genevieve would all be interesting people for paradise. Teddi is the one who would be there all season, Genevieve would lock someone up pretty quickly and then have a mid season break up, and Kira was giving me vibes that we didn't know her enough on the season but would be good for paradise.

Clayton had a very interesting hot seat. Some girls were really nice to him, others not so much. The girls who maybe didn't get enough screen time took their chance to share that they didn't like Clayton. But the girls who made it farther, they were civil with Clayton and thank him for the experience. That is all I got on the tell all. It was one of those things that has to happen, but would be nice if it didn't, because nothing too interesting happens on it.


Thanks for reading.


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