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BWaB Katie's Season Week 3 - The Boys Form a Unit

Updated: May 19, 2022

Zoom Call Summary: The episode resumes back at the cocktail party. It comes out that Karl is the one who said something to Katie that has her questioning the group. The group yells at Karl, the same crap we see every year. At the rose ceremony, when Mike P got his rose, he told Katie as a unit that they do not believe Karl is here for the right reasons. Karl, good guy John, and someone else goes home.

Start of a new week. There are two group dates and one one-on-one. The first group date is led by Nick Viall. It is set up like a support group meeting and they all share something personal that they are not proud of. People we like after hearing their stories: Hunter and Connor B. People we do not like after hearing their story: Thomas, as he says that right before he got here, he was trying to use this show as a platform. At the night part of the date, Thomas steals Katie TWICE to talk, as he fumbled badly the first time he talks. Casually says that he is falling in love with her. The guys are not fans of his.

Michael A gets the one-on-one date. We learn earlier in the episode that Micahel A has a different past than most guys who come on the show. He was married for 16 years and has a son. Unfortunately, his wife passed away from Breast cancer and he told Katie that he is hopeful to find love again. Michael A will go far!

The episode ends with this drama below:

A longer Zoom call summery as there wasn't much from the episode to elaborate on. The nice thing about episode three is we always get a good idea of who will we like on the show and he is going to suck.

People I like so far:

- Greg

- Michael A

- Connor B

- Tre

- Andrew S

- Aaron

- Box Guy James

- Hunter

People who are going to suck (hopefully will be gone by the next blog):

- Thomas

I have a feeling that Thomas won't be alone for long, and some of the people in the like column will move down. We will see!


Bach Bracket

We got our first rose ceremony, meaning we got our first leaderboard of the season. I will say now, I don't think this will be my season. There were a lot of people I liked the first week that isn't getting air time, which makes me worried that they will not go far. Here is the leaderboard after the first rose ceremony:

No surprises here as Tori is at the top of the leaderboard once again! She was leading the pack for most of Matt's season. Congrats to Katy for being tied for 1st. It's only been one rose ceremony, so it is still anyone's game to lose.


Thanks for reading.

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