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BWaB Katie's Season Week 4 - Snitches Get Roses

Updated: May 19, 2022

Zoom Call Summary: The second group date of this week happens. It is Katie's version of truth or dare. The guys on the date have to do stuff like eat 4K+ calories, eat a very hot pepper, and wax a part of their body. At the night portion of the date, Andrew S and Tre get into an argument about if they should tell Katie about Thomas. Tre ends up telling Katie about Thomas, and gets the group date rose! I guess snitches like to reward other snitches. The next morning Tayshia comes to Katie's room to tell her that a man from her past wants a chance for Katie's love. It is Blake Moynes!

Before the rose ceremony, Thomas goes to Katie's room to defend himself. Katie allows him to go to the rose ceremony. At the rose ceremony, Thomas is the last person to get called but instead of getting a rose, Katie tells him to leave. His Bachelor audition is over!

Blake gets the invite to stay in the house (hotel) if he wants. End of episode.

If it wasn't for Blake this would have been a pretty boring episode. The Thomas drama was dragged out for an episode too long. One thing that I am going to elaborate more on because it is an interesting debate, was the debate that Andrew S and Tre had.


To Snitch or Not To Snitch?

If you didn't watch the episode, Tre and Andrew S were going back and forth about if they should say something to Katie about Thomas being here for the wrong reasons. Tre's point was that there are two sides to Thomas, and Katie only sees one side of him, and she needs to know about that other side, the one that admitted to wanting to be the Bachelor. Andrew S's point was that Katie is a smart girl, and she will see it. Also, Andrew S believes that he shouldn't waste his time with her talking about another man.

I see both sides. If I was in these shoes, I lean more to Andrew S's side for a few reasons. The first is, time in here is so valuable so why waste any of it on something small and pointless instead of building a stronger connection with the lead. The second, once you do that you are a part of the drama. Getting involved in the drama usually doesn't lead to being able to progress with the lead. The final reason is we are grown adults, why are we snitching on other people.

I guess Katie likes snitches though as she gave Tre to group date rose. Makes sense because Katie was the one who snitched to Matt about the house being toxic last season. Snitches got to stick together!

If you were in these shoes, which route would have you went? Would you have done what Tre did or what Andrew S did?


Bach Bracket

Katy, Tori, and Will are slowly running away with the leaderboard. Lexie and I are not having our best season. If this trend keeps happening, I might be waving the white flag. In my final four, I have Connor the cat, frontrunner Greg, the amazing Michael A, and snitch Tre. I am kind of confident in that final four but the next couple of weeks will be telling.


Thanks for reading.


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