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BWaB Katie's Season Week 8 - It's The Men Tell All

Updated: May 19, 2022

Zoom Call Summary: We finally hear Michael A talk to his son, James. It is heartbreaking (watch at your own risk)

Micahel A leaves to go be with his son. At the Tell All we had: Quartney, Cody, Karl, Tre, James, Kyle, Brendan, Aaron, Andrew S, Connor, Hunter, and Michael A. In this cover photo, take a look at who looks tan. If they are looking tan, it is probably because they are in this season of Bachelor in Paradise.

The drama was fine, entertaining for a few seconds but didn't mean much. Connor, Andrew S, and Michael A were all put in the hot seat. They also showed Kaitlyn and Jason's proposal that happened in between filming the show and the Men Tell All. Thomas zoom's in at the end and has a conversation with Kate. Overall, Katie was nice but didn't love some of her responses to the guys.

Since this is was a pretty big episode, I am going to break down the hot seats from the Men Tell All. The other stuff was just filler that you wouldn't find interesting.


Connor's Hot Seat

Connor the cat guy and the bad kisser got the first hot seat. His hot seat was pretty light-hearted. Tayshia and Kaitlyn really pushed into that he was a bad kisser. When they rolled the clip of his time on the show, they showed every kiss he had with Katie. Then, out of the top row, a girl was like "I don't believe you are a bad kisser, I want to show the audience and everyone watching that you aren't." I am paraphrasing but it felt super stagged. What confirmed it was stagged was she gave the guy an 11 out of 10 for the kiss.


Andrew S' Hot Seat

To me, Andrew S' hot seat felt like another audition for him to become the Bachelor, and I was all for it! They showed how deep and real he was with his conversations this season, and showed how there were genuine feelings between him and Katie. I would say at this moment, he is in the lead to be the next Bachelor. "We all deserve to be chosen", i.e producers choose me to be the Bachelor.


Michael A's Hot Seat

Michael A is an amazing man. Some of the things he said on the show were truly moving. He has a hard story so you feel for the man, and all he is looking for is some happiness. Having to watch his clips again was tough because he was just saying all of the right stuff, it was hard to see him leave. One thing, I hope he doesn't do anymore Bachelor related stuff. I don't think this is the right platform for him and say he became the Bachelor, he would have to deal with all of these younger women who are just trying to become famous. He deserves better!


The Bach Bracket

With there being no rose ceremony, there was no change to the Bach Bracket. Michael A leaving does hurt my bracket in the long run, so should be interesting to see who takes the W this season!


Thanks for reading.


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