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BWaB Katie's Season Week 9 - There are no rules

Updated: May 19, 2022

Zoom Call Summary: We start the episode with hometown dates. Blake goes first! Has a nice Canadian hometown with Blake. Meets the family and it seemed to go well. Justin goes second! Justin's parents decided not to come to New Mexico because they don't believe in the process. His best friends come and we get to see a little bit of Justin's personality come out, which was nice. Justin showed Katie around Baltimore during the day. Then it is Greg's turn. He shows Katie a little bit of Jersey, and Katie gets to meet his family. The night seems to be going great, then Greg gets rubbed the wrong way and left the date unhappy. Cut to the next day, and Greg goes to Katie's room and long story short, he leaves! I feel bad for Katie. 3 out of her top 5 have decided to leave on their own (Andrew S, Michael, and now Greg).

Don't worry, the long story will be broken out below as well as what I think the real timeline of events happened!


Greg and Katie

That right there is a couple that looks to be super into each other. Since night one, we have known that Katie was into Greg. Greg got the first impression rose, and Greg is the only man that got two one-on-one dates.

But, throughout the whole process, Katie has had to reassure Greg about how she felt. That is a tricky situation as she is dating other guys, but I would say Katie has done as good as she could to reassure him. Except during the hometown date. Here is what happened: Greg was being vulnerable and told Katie how he felt. He said the L word and really poured his heart out. Katie's was then like, "I love looking at you". Greg was pissed because that is all he gets after he said something like that.

Cut to their fight, Greg told Katie that upset him and Katie was telling him that she was telling Greg's family that he will be getting a rose. Greg just stopped it there because his argument was that this is real life. He doesn't care about the rose or not, if this relationship is real, let's leave the show.

That puts Katie in an awkward place because there are other guys still there. The conversation I guess ended and Greg stormed out and decided to leave.

Then we watched a door for 15 minutes and Katie said that she wanted to go home! Episode ends. What happens next week, I couldn't tell ya. It looks like there will be no fantasy suites and Justin and/or Blake might meet Katie's family. There are a lot of unknowns. All we do know is the episode will be 3 hours next week!


The Real Timeline of Events

Something about the past two weeks doesn't feel like they played out in order. First with the rose ceremony, then Andrew S coming back, then Michael leaving, then the order of the hometowns, I think it played out differently in real life. This is all speculation, but I think Greg's hometown was first. Then I think Michael A went home in between the other hometowns. Also, that cut of him saying he saw Blake and Katie's one-on-one, I think it was their first one and not the hometown date. I do think Greg and Katie's conversation happened last, but there was a little more time in between the date and the talk that they wanted us to think.

If you have thoughts on what the order was, please leave a comment on the blog! Curious to hear what other people thought.


The Bach Bracket

With there being no rose ceremony these past couple of weeks, and Greg and Michael A sending themselves home, I am not sure what is going on with the Bach Bracket. At the moment this is where everyone sits:

I am pretty sure no one had a Blake/Justin final two, so not sure how this leaderboard is going to change. If Greg comes back, then we might have a shake up, but it is looking like our Founder, Tondo, might be the W this season.


Thanks for reading.


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