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BWaB Michelle's Season Week 8 - The Men Tell All

Updated: May 19, 2022

Zoom Call Summary: The Men Tell All started off with some fireworks! After they showed a recap of all the drama from the season, Will and Pizza Peter went at it. Supposedly Peter believes that Will has gotten people to trash his pizza joint. There were a lot of negative reviews after Will posted it on social media. The negativity was so bad that Peter had him served papers because he was coming for Will in a defamation law suit.

The next person the guys went after was Jamie. Jamie must have been a ballerina in another life because he was tip toeing and not given any answer. Even when Jamie talked to Michelle his answers were super vague.

Once they were done with Jamie, the guys went after Martin. Rumors came out that Martin had a girlfriend during filming, which is a big no no if it was true. What I find interesting is in this day in age with this show, all secrets somehow come out. So I wonder how he was able to have a girlfriend and producers didn't catch that.

Wanted to point out something, because where they have people sit is on purpose. Normally, they have the guys who made the best impressions and who went the longest sit bottom left. Some how Pizza Peter was in the second to the left seat, which just shows they had to grasp at straws at this tell all. Also, not included in the picture is Jamie but he sits next to Rodney after he sits on the hot seat.

Rick gets put on the hot seat. He talks about how he was able to grow so much from the experience and learn about himself. Rick said all the right things and is probably going to be a Paradise contestant next summer.

Something we sadly get confirmed on the episode is that Tayshia and Zac had ended their engagement. I understand why Tayshia said it on the show, but it was sad to see because it seem like producers were using her as a bit. Tayshia and Zac were one of the few couples that seem like they were going to make it. Sad to see it end the way that it did.

Rodney gets the next hot seat. Similar to Rick, Rodney was saying all of the right things and seems like he will be on another show next summer. One thing that they did during his hot seat that was not needed, they had a casting call out for not a kisser like last season, but a streaker. These poor audience members had to witness that!

Not much to note from the parts with Michelle! She seems to be very happy and found someone, which is awesome to see. But she really didn't say much to the guys, almost diminishing what their relationships were, 3 weeks in a hotel and saw each other for a cumulative 5 hours.

One notable that was not at the Men Tell All was Clayton. Instead of him being there to promote his new season, they had a new trailer for his season. Enjoy!

Two things that are cool to see in the trailer: 1) is that they look like they are back at the mansion, and 2) they actually travel and go to Europe, if I caught the right landmarks.


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