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BWaB The Bachelor Week 10 - So Who Won?

Jesse Palmer starts the show saying: "Welcome to the 3 hour live finale of the Bachelor!"

But we did it! We made it through the episode and the season. Sounds like we are getting a happily ever after situation here, we hope. But who was the big winner?

If you remember from last week, Zach kept Gabi and Kaity and sent Ariel home. The first part of the finale was doing a hot seat with Ariel. Overall it was exactly what you would expect the hot seat to go. Ariel was disappointed in Zach's actions by not sharing that he had slept with Gabi, and had to see it unfold on television like everyone else. Zach apologized. That was the end of that.

The Final Two

The start of the finale week includes Zach introducing the girls to his family. Zach's parents and two sisters were in Thailand to get to meet both Kaity and Gabi. From what we saw from the conversations, everyone hit it off. Parents were fans of both girls and it seem like they didn't have a clear favorite.

The only weird thing from the night, besides the audio on ABC going out for 10 minutes, was the order of the dates. It went:

- Gabi parents

- Kaity parents

- Kaity final date

- Gabi final date

I would like to think this wasn't the actual order and he went back and forth with the ladies. Because it would be a little strange for Zach to make Gabi wait so long after her family date to see him at the end. But maybe it was true.

The Proposal

If this is your first season that you are invested, first off welcome to the blog. This is normally what happens with the proposal. Whoever shows up first means they are getting sent home. We waited to see which dress was falling next to the ankle shot and it was yellow, meaning Gabi was going home.

This was a direct quote from Gabi. For some reason she knew that it was not going to work out. She had a feeling she was getting second. Overall it was a pretty emotional goodbye. Was pretty sad to watch.

But when one door closes, another one opens.

Kaity and Zach had a very romantic proposal. They both shared some kind words, and it seems like they are very in love. Cut back to the live audience and the love still seems there. The two had their hands all over each other, and they seem like they are going to be strong for the next bit. Will be interesting how long they last, but in the moment it is working in their favor. They live in the same city so they can go back to their lives and don't have to uplift their lives.


My Thoughts on the Season

I thought it was a good season. To be honest, I am not sure what I am looking for in this show anymore. It use to be like Kaitlyn's season, where I really like all of the contestants and it lends to an interesting final two. I kind of felt like Zach's season was like that, but not as many people to root for. But then I also enjoyed Clayton's season where the final couple of weeks was mayhem. Just something you hadn't seen before and jaw dropping. With Zach's season we never got to a full jaw dropping moment.

I think what would have made Zach's season better, and could have competed for a top season, was if he left the drama stay around for an extra week or two. The first few episodes are made for the drama parts, and then we really get into the relationships towards the end of the season. With Zach cutting drama right away, it made the episodes not as interesting in the beginning of the season.

It will be interesting if they shake it up with Charity's season, or if we are getting a pretty similar season to Zach's. Looking forward to the season in June, not looking forward to them putting the start time at 9 PM.


Thanks for reading.


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