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BWaB The Bachelor Week 4 - Bahamas Week

Zach's season has officially jetted off on their international journey to find love. Felt like we got out of the states pretty quickly as the first destination for this journey is the Bahamas.

Got to give Jesse some credit, he is getting better at this host acting. Finding little things for himself to get a funny bit in the episode.

They stayed at a very nice looking hotel. The hotel was Baha Mar, I would stay if there wasn't a season of the Bachelor filming during the week I was there.

Kat's One-on-One

Kat gets the first one-on-one in the Bahamas. We are getting to the point that after the date card is announced, at least two girls go "I'm happy for you but I am sad that wasn't my name on the date card". The data shows that week 5 and 6 one-on-ones tend to make it far, so don't get too upset now ladies.

Kat and Zach went on a catamaran and did the classic Bachelor yacht date. And Kat opens up during their dinner portion of their date. Kat gets the rose. *Cue fireworks.

There wasn't much to say about Kat's date. It will be interesting how Kat plays in the next couple of group dates. If we get a good amount of screen time, I think she is going to hometowns. But I could also see her going right before hometowns.

The Group Date aka let's eat fun food and odd games

This date reminded me of the date in Belgium the ladies had on their season last year. Gabby's men hit each other with fishes and Rachel's did the contest with beer? Anyways, Zach invites the ladies to a fish fry!

The ladies were good sports about it! It was tough for Gabi as she is allergic to shellfish, she couldn't even smooch her man because he was eating shellfish. Then comes limbo!

Once all of the fun and games finished, the drama comes out. The big drama of the night came from Anastasia and Kylee. Kylee wanted to inform Zach that Anastasia was here just for Instagram followers. Zach was not a fan of that.

Towards the night portion of the group date, the mood switched. Zach told the girls he heard things he was unhappy about and wanted to talk it out. Then pulled Anastasia aside. I'll jump ahead, Anastasia was eliminated before the rose ceremony. Zach had two conversations with her and decided it would be better if she left.

Brooklyn's One-on-One

Zach probably brought the best person for his next date. He took the professional bull rider to go dirt biking in the woods of the Bahamas. She probably loved the date! They ended up on a beach and they were having good conversation.

At the dinner portion of the date, Brooklyn opened up about her past relationships and her difficult relationship she has with her father. She has been through a lot and was very brave to share her story on national television. Brooklyn got the rose and they had a private concert.










Davia and Genevieve get sent home. Already down to 11 girls left. I'm not sure if it how the show is cut, or just other things are going on, but this season seems to be flying! It will be interesting if the shows feels like it slows down or by the end of the month we already have hometowns.

Got an interesting teaser for their week in London. They show a clip of Zach looking like this:


Thanks for reading.


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