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BWaB: The Bachelor Week 4 - Two Weeks in Europe

This week, we had back-to-back episodes of the Bachelor! We got to see beautiful places in Europe, mediocre drama, and the group whittled down to 10. With this week being a two episode week, I'll keep the recap of each date quick!

We start off in beautiful Malta for our first Europe destination. I don't know what the crew brought, but Joey is getting movie-quality cameras this season, and it really showed in Malta. They kept doing these drone shots that were so high-def and gorgeous, just made the date seem even nicer with the camera.

Malta One-on-One - Lexi 

We start the week in Malta with Lexi getting the one-on-one. They did the classic walk around the city and explore date. Overall, it seem like Lexi and Joey were clicking! The connection was strong, and after she opened up about her health problems, I think they had a very honest and tough discussion about it. From the conversation, it seems like Lexi got really excited about the potential of them being together, earning herself a rose.

Malta Group Date - Knights

There wasn't much to this group date. The only thing to really note was that they made the girls try to catch flying sausages in their mouths. Autumn won the group portion of the date and got a little extra time with Joey.

At the night portion of the date, Kelsey T was the big winner, as she had a great conversation with Joey and got the group date rose.

Malta Two on One

The big drama this year is everyone against Maria. From what I see online, it seems like the group consensus is the girls are getting jealous of the connection Maria has with Joey.

It first started with Sydney against Maria, and then throughout this and the next week, Lea and Jess joined in.

At the two-on-one, Maria ends up getting the rose and Sydney goes home. We'll recap the Rose ceremony for both episodes at the end.

Marbella, Spain One on One - Kelsey A

Kelsey A got a similar date to Lexi, where she got to go around the city with Joey, this time on a moped. Also similar to Lexi, you can see there is a strong connection between Joey and Kelsey A. I wouldn't be surprised if both girls who made it to the week before hometowns, and one of them makes hometowns. Kelsey A gets the rose.

Marbella, Spain Group Date - Painting

A rip-off of the painting date they did on Katie Thurston's season, the girls had to draw something and share why they drew it. On the date, Jess won the extra time with Joey., but to add the drama back in against Maria, she got the group date rose, which got Lea and Jess going about her.

Marbella, Spain One on One - Rachel

Rachel has the last date of the week. She got to do a flamingo class with Joey. From how they were acting during the date, it seem like a legit spark was there. I think both Rachel and Joey were feeling it. Rachel is someone who could make it pretty far, my guess is top 3.



Kelsey T






Over the two weeks, Medina, Autumn, Allison, Edwina and Sydney were sent home.

The journey in Europe is going to be short lived, as the group heads back to North America on a trip to Vancouver!


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