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BWaB The Bachelor Week 6 - Where's My One-on-One?!

Zach and the ladies head off to Estonia! This is the episode where it seems like the country normally bids to have the show come to them. Normally you have one location out of the season that is new and want to be shown as a tourist destination.

Jess Palmer, haven't heard his name that many times in these recaps, catches up with Zach and let's him know that Greer got COVID. Somehow only one of the girls got it, even though they have been together the whole time. It seems based on trailers that she was out just for this week but will come back!

Charity One-on-One Redo

If you remember from last week, Charity got the second one-on-one, but didn't get to do it because Zach got sick. He made it up to her by having her tour the city of Estonia with him.

This was the classic walk around the city, bop into shops, have some odd food and drinks kind of date. It seem like they were having a good time.

The biggest drama from the date wasn't the date itself, but what happened before the date. Kat asked Zach if he could steal her for a minute before he went on the date. Decided to plant a smooch on him before he left, and was awkward was the ladies could see the lipstick on his lips.

Back to the Charity date. They had a nice conversation overall. Wasn't blown away by the connection but she got the rose. Charity might make it to hometowns, but if she does I bet she stays home and gets eliminated Hometowns.

The Group Date

Zach and the ladies participated in a few love spells or something with an Estonian witch. But she wasn't a witch that curses people, she heals people.

During the episode we get a good amount of cuts to Jess talking about how she feels she is behind. She keeps brining up how she hasn't had a One-on-One. She feels that she hasn't had one so she can't open up with Zach.

This ends up leading Jess to the car because she says that to Zach, and Zach decides he is no longer feeling this relationship. Jess gets sent home at the group date. Since Zach sent Jess home, he decides to not give out a group date rose.

Ariel One-on-One

Zach and Ariel go to a nudist spa. According to the spa leader, spas are sacred in Estonian culture. Zach and Ariel do not participate in the nudist portion of the nudist spa, but they got greeted by a couple who were and joined them in the sauna and in the hot tub.

From the comments Zach was saying, Zach really is feeling Ariel. He was talking about her like she is leading out of the girls. She sneak in to become a top two frontrunner on this date. Unless something weird goes weird at the Hometowns or at the fantasy suite, I am guessing Zach brings Ariel to the final night. Whether he picks her or picks Kaity not sure.






Aly gets sent home.

Next week, off to Budapest. From the looks and how many girls we have, there is a good chance that in two weeks it is Hometowns. Either two or three weeks away!


Thanks for reading.


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