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BWaB The Bachelor Week 8 - Hometowns and Tell All

We got a twofer! Two episodes of the Bachelor this week. Please note, I am writing this blog while watching the Tell All. So lucky you getting some live reactions to this probably boring Tell All. But before we get there, let's recap Hometowns!

Gabi's Hometown

We start off with Miss Gabi. Gabi is from Vermont.

This meme sums up the day portion really well. Gabi gets Zach to have some Maple Syrup. After that we get to meet Gabi's family. Zach gets to meet Gabi's sister, two brothers, and parents. From the sounds of it, Gabi's sister was the one Zach really needed to impress. And he did!

Gabi's family was really welcoming of Zach and Gabi. They seem to like them as a couple. But Gabi was the only one to not do something on the Hometown date, she didn't tell Zach she was falling in love. All of the other ladies did. So will that be the reason why she gets sent home? We will see.

Ariel's Hometown

Next up was Ariel. And as you can see from this meme, we did some very silly touristy things in NYC. For the day portion we got a slice, went to a Jewish Deli, and hit a Speakeasy. This date as well as the others, they are fun/cute, but nothing really happens on them. The real drama is when they meet the families.

For this family meetup, we did get exactly that. Zach got to meet with Ariel's parents, brother and sister-in-law. For those who think the parents are tough during these meetings, just wait to you hear what the brother did. He straight out was like, "what's my sisters birthday?" The oof was Zach didn't have the answer!

It didn't seem like the family loved Zach. But Ariel thought it went well, and did say the classic falling in love. Did the brother being tough be the reason why she gets sent home? We will see.

Charity's Hometown

Charity lives in Columbus, Georgia. We got a flip flop hometown here where Zach got to meet the family first before the fun part of the date. Zach got to meet a lot of family at this Hometown. She had her family, extended family, and friends for a Family BBQ.

Overall, the conversations went well. I think the family liked him. The family was doing a similar thing that Ariel's family did, but they weren't as blunt about it. So average hometown, is that the reason why she gets sent home? We will see.

Kaity's Hometown

So guess who also lives in Kaity's Hometown of Austin, Texas? You get one guess. If you guessed Zach, you are correct! At the moment, both Kaity and Zach live in Austin. That is a HUGE advantage for this to potentially work out in the future.

I mean not wrong. Kaity had Zach do some chores and help her move some things in her apartment. Even though it is not the most exciting, it is a normal date, and a realistic one. I think it was a smart move because it allowed them to get a glimpse at what real life could look like.

Later in the date, Zach got to meet Kaity's mom and other family members. We mostly got to meet the mom, and it seem like they had a good conversation. Kaity's mom approved! But is all of this too good to be true and that is the reason why Kaity gets sent home? We will see.

The Rose Ceremony

Roses in order:




Charity ended up going home. I am not surprised. There were a few comments in the talking heads that made it seem like she was the one going home. Showing that she had a good support system and that she would be okay in case it went wrong.

Women Tell All At the moment of writing this, we are clapping at a lot of nonsense. The girls are going back and forth about things I'll save you. All of these girls are currently giving their audition for Paradise. We are going bold with some of word choices ladies.

Jess Hot Seat

Jess was the one who wanted the one-on-one. She was the one holding on sharing some information because she wanted to really open up on their only time. The main takeaway from her is she wanted to see some fight from Zach and feel wanted. That is why she wanted her one-on-one date.

Greer Hot Seat

Greer was the one who got the first impression rose. She is also the one who got COVID after he got COVID. So they didn't get to see each other for a good amount of time. Literally got shipped to get dumped in person.

I guess Greer also had some controversy after the show filmed. She addressed it during her hot seat.

Katherine (Kat) Hot Seat

Kat was the one that got sent home right before Hometowns. Something in their relationship had change, which led to her departure before Hometowns. Even though Kat didn't get the final rose, she was able to build a strong bond with her mom.

Charity Hot Seat

Charity felt like Zach saw her for her. She also felt like she was blindsided by Zach when she didn't get the rose. Listening to her hot seat, it seems like they are giving her a nice edit. Wouldn't be surprised if she was getting the nod to become the new Bachelorette.

Zach Hot Seat

The girls are asking Zach what happened to our relationship. And he just doesn't really give an answer beside saying he had to make a decision and it was very hard. The girls are just looking for a little closure and I think maybe they get it. Hard to tell with the wishy washy answers.

Sex Week

The end of Tell All has Jesse reference the famous Sex Week. Jesse and Zach preview what Fantasy Suites is going to look like. Seems to be juicy!

The Bachelorette?!

At the very end Jesse hits us with a twist. Jesse hits Charity with a This or That game and hits her with being the Bachelorette. Pretty cool to see the live reaction of her becoming the Bachelorette.

I think it was a good choice. It seem like they were grooming her through the conversations that she would become the Bachelorette. Will be interesting to see how social media reacts to it.


Thanks for reading.


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