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BWaB The Bachelorettes Week 9 - Fantasy Suites are not going well

Fantasy Suites and the final weeks of this journey are going to be in Rivera Maya, Mexico. From the looks of it, they got to take over a full hotel over for these final weeks. To start it off, Rachel picked Aven for her first overnight, and Gabby picked Erich for her first overnight. The order of the overnights are pretty crucial, as that normally leads to some kind of drama for the week.

Gabby and Erich went platform diving in a random hole in the woods of Mexico. From the looks of it the day was going really well. Erich and Gabby have a very solid connection and seem to be growing each time they are together. At the night portion of the date, Erich shares that she is in love with Gabby. They go to the fantasy suite.

After commercial we get a cut to Rachel's first fantasy suite. Rachel took Aven on a really nice yacht for their day portion of their date. While their date is going on, Tino is giving us a rant that he is struggling with Rachel going on other dates. He ends up talking with Jesse about how he is feeling.

Back on the date, Rachel and Aven are having a real nice time. He shares that he is falling in love with her. They go to the fantasy suite.

Things are about to get interesting. The third fantasy suite date that we see is Johnny and Gabby. They start the date on the beach. But from what Johnny is saying in his talking heads, it seems like he is not ready for engagement. He seems pretty hesitant on getting there at the end of this. Then they give us a nice spoiler during the commercial break showing Johnny is on the beach for Paradise. So Johnny and Gabby break up on the beach. That was not the only person to leave.... But we won't jump ahead.

Back in the Rachel camp, Tino gets the second date. Going into the date we were hearing a lot of insecurities from Tino. If you remember from earlier episodes, Tino was the clear frontrunner. But throughout the weeks it seem like he was slipping, especially with how bad the hometown seem to go. With all of that being said, Tino said that he loved Rachel and she said it back! So it seems like they are back to their strong connection. They go to the fantasy suite.

Before the end of episode of Monday, we get Gabby and Erich again. I guess Erich requested that he needed to see Gabby. He told Gabby that he would see it as cheating if she slept with any other guys in the fantasy suites. This is the classic debate that comes up every season, should someone in his position give this ultimatum to the lead. I understand both sides but at the end of the day, this is the lead's journey and you got to trust they will make the right decision. Making her have to talk about it in front of the cameras after you already talked about it off camera in the suite seem unnecessary.

The Tuesday episode starts off with how the Monday episode ended. It seemed like they were in okay terms after Gabby left. Should be interesting to see if this hurts Erich at the rose ceremony.

But luckily for Erich, Jason is going to help Gabby with that decision. Their day portion of the date was fine, just a quick tennis match. But throughout the date we heard Jason share how he can't get to an engagement by the end of it. Not only that, but he isn't in love yet with Gabby. He shares all of the information he is feeling and it seems right there that he is gone. But they decide to discuss more about it in the fantasy suite. It didn't go well as Jason and Gabby had a really bad fight during the night that ended their relationship.

So in the case for Erich, there are no other men Gabby could sleep with, so I guess he got what he was hoping for.

The last date we got was Rachel and Zach. Zach and Rachel seem to have a strong connection and were riding the high from the hometown date. They went out on the town for their day portion of the date. Before their day portion was over, they did a Tarot card reading, and Rachel seem to have some concerns with their relationship.

Their night portion was also good and they went to the fantasy suite. After the fantasy suite everything seem to turn for their relationship. Zach was talking pretty cryptic but it seems like a lot of the big topics got brought up and it surprised Zach some of her thoughts. They seem to disagree on a good amount of the topics. The big thing that he brought up to Jesse was that Rachel doesn't think Zach is ready for an engagement because of his age. I guess Rachel is less than a year older than Zach and she was feeling that he isn't ready for an engagement.

Rose ceremony time! Gabby goes to Erich to tell him that he is the only one left and she is in love with him. In terms of Rachel, we don't get to see the rose ceremony. Jesse comes in from LA saying that we will see the rest of the journeys in a two week live ceremony.

After Episode Thoughts

Who knows what is going to happen! I could see Gabby and Erich working out. But it does seem like they are together just because he was the only one left, not because she chose him.

As for Rachel I think the best bet for her would be Aven. But it seems like she will pick Tino if I had to guess. If she choses Tino I don't think they will last because the family is already skeptical, it is going to be hard to see how they make it work in the real world. I am hopeful Rachel gets engaged because if we went through two seasons at once and there was not one happy ending that will feel like a waste.


Thanks for reading.


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