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BWaB The Golden Bachelor Live Finale Reaction

WHAT A FINALE! Please note a full recap of Bachelor in Paradise, this week's episode and next week's episode, next week.

For starters, Gerry does propose! With this being the Golden Bachelor I was thinking maybe this was just a finale rose and they are partners, but they are fully committing and getting married. So who did Gerry propose to? It might shock you.

Just a quick reminder, throughout the journey it seemed like Leslie was the favorite. Based off the comments Gerry was sharing to Leslie, it seem like she was going to get the ring. A little foreshadowing...

The episode went Theresa meeting the family, Theresa final date, Leslie meeting the family, Leslie final date. With the edits I was thinking Theresa was getting a really good edit!

The conversation Theresa had with the daughters went really well. They could tell that their similar pasts were bonding them. So I think they were very happy with the conversation they had.

When it was Leslie's turn, the vibe just was not the same. She was feeling that Gerry seem a little off. There was one part where it seem like Gerry was just like, okay I need to leave instead of wanting to spend more time with Leslie. This was the first indication that things were taking a turn. But then during their date things got awkward. There was a super long pause where Gerry didn't say anything but started crying, which made her start crying and he was like I know you know what I am about to do. He left but decided to come back to end it that night. They ended up seeing each other on the hot seat, and it seem like they were giving her a nice edit to be the Golden Bachelorette, but if I had to guess there probably wasn't enough men that signed up. Gerry tried to apologize but Leslie didn't fully accept it. I think it was really tough for Leslie because all of the ladies were like why are you nervous, everyone saw their connection together and I think she finally bought into it. Then they broke up.

So Theresa was the winner! It would be very interesting to understand what happened in that fantasy suite because it really made a difference. Even Gerry shared that he felt they hit a lull in their relationship but it accelerated after that night.

When they came out together, they were glowing. During their interview with Jess Palmer, Theresa shared that they went back to their normal lives and talk every night! No one shared if they are moving any time soon, but two exciting announcements. They are getting married January 4th, and we get to see it! ABC is also giving them a trip to Italy, and they are going to use it for their honeymoon!

HUGE congratulations to Gerry and Theresa. As for my thoughts on the season: I loved it, but I don't think they should do it again. Why I think everyone fell in love with the show is it was a fresh take on something we had been seeing for years. It felt more genuine and showed that this type of process still works. But I do think a sequel or trying to do it again, it won't be as good. So we will see, I think ABC will see how well it did and try again.


Thanks for reading.


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