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BWaB The Golden Paradise Week 4 - Did She Poop?!

The Golden Bachelor

The start of the new week comes with a new girl in the house! Trista, the first Bachelorette, comes to the mansion to share some wisdom with the ladies. It is funny because most of the ladies could be her mom's age, but she comes to share how the experience can work. She also shares that we are going to have probably the best group date in Bachelor history, a pickleball tournament!

This was right in Ellen's wheelhouse as she is a pickleball co captain. So no surprise but her team ends up winning the tournament. At the tournament there was another fun surprise. Joey, our next Bachelor, was the referee of the tournament. It was nice to see Joey, excited to see when they drop his season.

Ellen and Kathy end up winning the tournament, but Sandra is the big winner of the group date as she got the rose! She missed her own daughter's wedding so she could play pickleball. Curious if this was the first or not first wedding of the daughter as it is interesting she chose to miss the wedding.

After the group date the ladies were playing Never Have I Ever and would eat ice cream every time they did something. I mean you see 20 somethings do it, who cares, but when you got these ladies with experiences, great television!

Leslie got the one-on-one. Her and Gerry went on a ATV. They had a great time and got the rose.

At the cocktail party Gerry sent Nancy home. It looked like she got a pretty serious injury during pickleball as she was in a boot, so I think Gerry sent her home to be nice. Ellen shared that she is falling in love!






Kathy and April get sent home.

Bachelor in Paradise

So did she poop?! The episode started with the doctor coming to the beach to see if Sam had gone to the bathroom. In a twist people weren't expecting, she did not! Sam leaves paradise. She was hitting it off with Aaron S but he decided to stay instead of going to be poo parents with Sam.

Back on the beach we have two new Johns hit the beach. John Henry and John B. from Charity's season come and they come with date cards. John Henry took Olivia on the date and it seems like they had a really good time. John B took Eliza on the date. Another love triangle seems to be started for Eliza, would have thought she learned her lesson last paradise with Rodney and Justin.

Wells decides it is time to stir up paradise. He brings out what they call the Paradise Truth Box where people can write whatever they want anonymously about the other beachgoers. Some of the dram that unfolds: Sean tries to connect with Jess through Taylor Swift and she lets him down easy and throws him in the friend zone. Brayden throws Sean under the bus with Rachel and gets a smooch. Kat gets most of the notes about how she is playing the guys.

The episode ends with the potentially of another lady hitting the beach. Not sure who it is but probably be how we start off the next episode.

So to recap, here are the current couples:

Jess and Blake

Eliza with Aaron B and John B

Kat with Tanner, probably not Brayden

Rachel with maybe Brayden, most likely not Sean

Olivia with John Henry and letting Peter come for the ride

Mercedes and Tyler

Kylie and Aven

Guys with no potential connections: Will and Aaron S


Thanks for reading.


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