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BWaB The Golden Paradise Wek 8 - It's giving messy

You better get your mops out because this week of the Golden Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise got messy. Giving a heads up that we do great a break from the show because of Thanksgiving, so we have to wait an extra week to get some of these answers! Let's start with the early bird special.

The Golden Bachelor

For the first time this season, the Golden Bachelor lives the mansion for a the final couple weeks of the journey. They are in beautiful Costa Rica, near some volcano and up in the trees.

The week starts with Gerry and Leslie's fantasy suite. So far Gerry has shared more with Leslie about how he feels about her. He already said that he is in love with her, which is more than what he has shared with Theresa.

Because Leslie is super adventurous, she gets the more athletic date with Gerry. They scale down a 170 foot cliff to the bottom of a waterfall. It was the classic, give the person who shared they hate heights the heights date. But they conquer it.

On the date Gerry really says to Leslie, "I think you are the one". Good luck to Theresa as she is going to have more than that cliff they scaled to catch up in their relationship.

But don't call it a comeback because Theresa had herself quite the fantasy suite date. She really impressed Gerry during their night portion of the date. They went horse back riding during the day and Gerry was this meme above the whole time.

From the sounds of it there was a lot of conversations that happened when they were alone and now Gerry is getting confused. He told Theresa he loved her off camera and it sounds like they had realistic conversations about a lot of things that they were on the same page.

I mean we will see! The episode ends with Gerry sharing that he has made his decision. When we are back next we will know who won The Golden Bachelor in their live two hour finale!

Prediction: I think it is Leslie. It just seems to be leaning towards her and I have a hard time with them switching it last second to Theresa. Its giving similar Madi and Hannah Ann vibes from Peter's season.

Bachelor in Paradise

The scene that I have been waiting that they teased in the initial trailer finally happened! But before I get there, let me give a quick recap of what is going on.

Michael chose Olivia to go on a date. They seem to have a nice time together! Michael will probably get Olivia's rose. Rachel goes on a date with Jordan, who was the race car driver who got let go on the first one-on-one. They rekindled and I think had a nice time. Rachel does decide to also pursue Tanner. Last thing, Aven and Peter go on a double date with their girls. At the moment, these are the more stronger couples. The other couple I would have said was strong was Blake and Jess but...

Katie Thurston finally hits the beach!

I am not sure what it is, but these contestants aren't as enjoyable as they use to be. I feel like I am normally rooting for more people. But one person I was very excited to watch their journey was Blake. I mean you got to love the comeback story of getting second with two ladies and then get the engagement, now back on the beach to try again. So I was interested to see how this conversation was going to go.

Overall it was good. I think it was hard for them as they broke up over the phone and hadn't seen each other since pre breakup, so a lot of emotions were coming back. But the conversation was cordial and I think it was good closure for Blake and good for Katie so she could go be a lead on Fboy Island.

Katie came with some other news, she was going to host a roast!

I don't think the jokes were that funny because it was more people making insults and not really delivering it in a nice way. I think people thought they were being funny but it didn't deliver. Kat, Rachel and Jess took most of the jokes we saw. But three relationships I think took a nose diver after the roast.

The first is Tyler and Mercedes. Something in the Truth Box came out that Tyler wasn't that interested in Mercedes, and then Tyler took a weird dig at Mercedes for no reason during the roast. I think Tyler is going to share that he is done with Mercedes and that she leaves.

The second is Tanner and Rachel. Tanner made a bad joke about how everyone wanted Gabby over Rachel on the beach and I think Rachel has some insecurities about that. From the sounds of it Tanner and Rachel did have a few conversations, so if he knew this was an insecurity and then made a joke, yikes.

The last is Jess and Blake. I think Blake seeing Katie reminded him that this process works. In his time with Katie, they spent less time together and he had stronger feelings. So why are the feelings not there? He shares that with Jess and that is how the episode ends. I am guessing that they also end it that night and both Jess and Blake go home.

Like I said at the top, everything got messy! I think this was a good cliffhanger by the producers as now we get two weeks to speculate everything that is going to happen. But what did you think? Leave some comments below!


Thanks for reading.


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