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Can someone at House Enterprise do the Rico Bosco blogging challenge?

We have a lot of great bloggers here at House Enterprise. Whether it's college hoops, the Bachelor, baseball, etc, we really have a well rounded blogging staff.

If you're familiar with the Barstool world, you probably know Rico Bosco. Rico is probably one of the most interesting yet polarizing figures at Barstool. He is a gambler and partakes in many different shows such as Picks Central, Pick 'Em, Hot Ice, and some college basketball as well.

Recently, on Barstool Pick 'Em, Barstool Founder, Dave Portnoy started pressing Rico to blog more. A massive part of Barstool's history was the blog. Dave and Big Cat would blog 10-15 times a day. To be fair, blogging was a bigger juggernaut back then, however it still plays a big part in Barstool.

Every week on Pick 'Em, Dave will release the blogger rankings. This is a combination of most views per blog and how many blogs a week are written. I think it would be pretty interesting if we did that here at House Enterprise.

Dave challenged Rico to blog 15 times a week, which would be around 3 blogs a day, which I think is definitely possible. The challenge is finding substantial topics and not trying to spam blogs that don't have much reach. Looking at the blog right now, it looks like some people already do more than 3 a day. Maybe I should change it to the Dave Portnoy challenge and have someone try to blog 10-15 times a day.

Should we release blogger rankings?

Should someone at House try the Rico Bosco blogging challenge?


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