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"Can you tell us about a time you faced significant odds and how did you overcome them?"

The date was February 5th, 2017... But for real, if we are talking real-life interview questions, Bill Belichick and the Patriots making the miraculous comeback in Super Bowl LI is a deal solidifier, especially because it was against the interviewer.

Now Bill Belichick and the Atlanta Falcons weren't necessarily on my 2024 Bingo Card, but when you look at all of the Head Coach openings, it's started to make the most sense. The Panthers are nowhere in a competitive position, and would he gel well with David Tepper? The Titans are probably going to rebuild, and things ended sour with Mike Vrabel wanting the team to go in a different direction. Maybe the Raiders reunite him with Jimmy G, but there are a lot of former Patriots revolving through, where the team could opt for something different. The Chargers are a financial mess, and would they want GM Bill to fix it or HC Bill to coach it? The Seahawks aren't going to go from a 72-year-old Pete Carroll to a 71-year-old Bill. Then there's the Commanders, who do have the most cap space in the NFL at around $86 million as well as three of the top 40 picks.

But with Atlanta, the defense is already fairly solid, adding the defensive mind of BB could only ignite it further. They have the offensive weapons in Kyle Pitts, Drake London, and Bijan Robinson, all they need is a quarterback that could be the reclamation project for Belichick's next act.


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