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Carlos Correa fails physical and now his deal with the Giants might be dead

Crazy story coming out of SF today. I guess the Giants were planning on introducing Correa in a press conference today, but that has been postponed as he failed his physical.

The Giants agreed to a MASSIVE 13 year, $350 million dollar deal with Correa on Dec 13, but since then they have not said a peep. People seem to be suspicious because the Giants are a "communicative" team when it comes to issues, but check out their email they sent today about the Correa press conference being postponed.

The issue in the physical, which is still unknown, could lead the Giants to completing scratching the entire deal and Correa would head back into free agency. I feel like that is pretty unlikely and they will end up renegotiating the deal. It might be for a different amount of years or a different sum of money.

Does this mean Uncle Stevie might be back in the Correa race? Nothing in certain yet, however if Correa ends up back on the market, I feel like Uncle Stevie could make a solid push.

This entire situation will probably unfold in the next couple days and it's definitely worth keeping an eye on.


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