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Clippers come in at NUMBER 1 in NBA Official Power Rankings

Updated: Jan 30

Image Courtesy the NBA App

What a wild 180 it has been for the Los Angeles Clippers, who are currently playing the best basketball in the NBA.

Ranked first in this week's Power Rankings, the Clippers are 13-2 since Christmas, with their two losses in that span having come by a combined total of just 7 points.

They got a massive win Saturday night against the Boston Celtics where they blew out the Celtics in the second game of a back-to-back, blowing out the Raptors 127-107 the night before.

The Clippers are 27-7 since November 17th, marking the NBA's best record in that span. They are second in offensive efficiency (121.8) and third in net rating (plus-7.9).

Watching them play has been such an enjoyable experience these past couple weeks. They run like a well-oiled machine. Harden has provided some stellar play and some "true point guard" mechanics that the Clippers have been desperately searching for these past couple years. They had Reggie Jackson for the last couple years playing PG and my god....Reggie was a "fan favorite," but his skills at PG are not even close to comparable with what Harden is doing.

Kawhi has also looked like an MVP caliber player, shooting 54.8% since November 17, marking his highest field goal percentage over any 30-game stretch since 2014.

Paul George and Kawhi Leonard are also playing games together, which hasn't always been the case in the 213 area. George has missed 2 games while Kawhi has missed 4. Harden has been available for every game since his debut. The Clippers have a plus- 18.9 rating when George, Leonard, and Harden are on the court.

The Clippers bench is also full of BALLERS like Russell Westbrook and Norman Powell. Shoutout to Westbrook, who never made a fuss about coming off the bench or anything. He just said he would do whatever was best for the sake of the team, and that's what championship players do.

The Clippers truly are peaking. However, I hope they aren't peaking too early. I hope they can sustain this until June...


Finally, it's important to note that this is the Clippers final year at the Staples Center (I will never ever call it Crypto). It would be monumental if the Clippers opened their brand new stadium as defending champions....


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