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COMING SOON: The new and hottest NFT's on the market, introducing Y2K(ids).

Between the blogs and the podcast, we said it before, the ETH Blockchain and the future of NFT's aren't going away anytime soon. There are hundreds of thousands of NFT's available, but why not get involved in one that has actual meaning and a futuristic vision. Introducing Y2K(ids)

The NFT's themselves will serve a number of universal purposes.

  • All Access Passes: Having a genesis Y2K(ids) in your wallet will grant you lifetime access to Y2K(world), a community built theme park within SandBox.

  • Art Pieces: Each Y2K(id) has its own unique Personality. They look awesome and can be displayed in any setting.

  • Trading Cards: Y2K(ids) are easy to trade on OpenSea. Users can Buy and Sell. Collecting as many as they wish. With extensive Rarities on certain attributes and properties. Some Y2K(ids) will be significantly more valuable than others. It's the mission of the collector to find and appraise rare Y2K(ids) and Buy / Sell accordingly.

  • Metaverse Avatars: The Y2K team are developing Y2K(Voxel) avatars. These will serve as custom "skins" users can operate in metaverses. This project is in development and more information will start to be released in early 2022

The sole reason of Y2K(ids) is to embark on a journey that will cultivate a virtual community based upon Freedom, Positivity, Inclusivity, and Fun. Everything they do is to build upon that vision.

Y2K(ids) is much deeper than just an NFT. The possibilities of having a wholesome community in a space like this are endless. Unlimited potential. Join the movement.

For more information on the project, the 2022 roadmap, and links to find the project, continuing reading below.


The Story of the Y2K(ids)

The date is January 2nd, 2000. 7,700 unfortunate punk teens fire up their POS and log onto the early internet.

They collectively stumble upon a mysterious webpage found within a tech forum. The website describes that the Y2K phenomenon actually occurred. The bug was real, and indeed sent the world into chaos.

The site added that the punks were merely just living in an alternate reality where the bug was fixed. Before they knew it, a burst of light was omitted from their monitors. They all began to be abducted by their computers!

Till this day, each kid has been chilling out on the Ethereum Blockchain, patiently waiting to kick it with their new digital owners.


About the NFT

The Y2K(ids) are a collection of 7770 early 2000s punk teenagers, who logged into a funky webpage from the future. Accidentally trapping themselves onto the Ethereum blockchain forever. Designed by Brooklyn based Graphic Artist, Pierce Baylis. Collect your own Genesis Y2K(id), granting you access to the Y2K(ids) community, and more projects to come. Check out our Roadmap for future plans within the metaverse.

The Roadmap

  • Phase I - 100% Sold

The first phase begins once 100% are minted. We will be reserving 170 NFT’s for future 1/1’s, promotions, and community giveaways on our discord.

  • Phase II - Minting Completion

Once minting is complete, we will be allocating a portion of mint sales and 25% of all

secondary sales towards a plot of sandbox land to purchase. This will be in preparation for phase three. To choose which parcel of land is purchased, we will hold a vote within the Y2K(ids) discord. (Only verified wallets will be allowed to participate in the vote, view more info on our #Sandbox channel in our Discord)

  • Phase III - Y2K(voxel)

Our next plan is the creation of Y2K(voxel) avatars to be used in the metaverse. These will take time to create but will ensure further utility within Sandbox. As well as, other metaverses we wish to deploy in.

  • Phase IV - The Future

This phase consists of Y2K(world). This will be an early 2000’s themed Underground Rave, Skate Park, and more within Sandbox. Holders can build, party, and network with other Y2K(ids) and guests of the park. The park and It’s attractions will be built by the Y2K(ids) team, as well as holders. Genesis Y2K(ids) will double as avatars, and lifetime passes to the park. The possibilities are endless and our main goal is to build a positive community that will collectively grow together in this emerging space.


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