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Damian Lillard Threw Some Serious Shade at the Trail Blazers in ’Farewell’ Song After Trade to Bucks

First off this is A1 Marketing. You get traded after a summer of bitching and the first thing you do is release a song. Dame had this one READY to go.

The song is MID, but he took some serious jabs at the Blazers.

He said “I can never be replaced they’ll know sooner than later. An arrow pointed at who assumed it was greater. Amazing what I get in return for this labor. I continue leaving trails but won’t be for the Blazers,” he rapped.

I'm 99% sure that's a shot at their draft pick from this year, Scoot Henderson. People were shocked when the Blazers drafted him this year with Dame on the roster..but I guess now it all makes sense. He is basically saying that Scoot won't replace the greatness he had with the Blazers.

“To the fans, man, I love you, it’s unconditional. Reasons for me leaving the city is nothing typical. So it’s imperative not to believe the narrative, just know that what I left is better than what I inherited.”

“I leave at peace because I know in the end that this is business. Hope you remember all the things you got to sit and witness. In the future, man, I hope we meet with hugs and kisses. But you should know that they the ones that chose another mission.”

Dame legit hates the Blazers F.O but seems like he has nothing but love and appreciation for the fans.

Lillard was drafted by the Blazers with the No. 6 pick in the 2012 NBA Draft. He played his first 11 NBA seasons in Portland, where he made seven All-Star teams and was selected to seven All-NBA teams.

He’ll now team up with Giannis Antetokounmpo in Milwaukee where the two will look to deliver the franchise its third championship and second since 2021. The Bucks are now the title favorites at +360 (FanDuel)


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