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Dan Campbell and the Lions upset the Chiefs, but the HC might lose me if he doesn’t run Jahmyr Gibbs

The hype train is real, as the Detroit Lions upset the the defending Super Bowl Champs in the Chiefs on the opening night of football.

Do you smell that? Football is BACK, and we're kicking things off with the unexpected. In hindsight, this is probably Kansas City's villain arc and they will probably go on an insane run to remind people they are legit, especially because they weren't fully healthy today, but still - what a game and what a moment for Lions fans.

My only gripe with the win, again my opinion doesn't mean shit, but where was Jahmyr Gibbs?? A week ago, Campbell said that first round Running Back would be used in "unexpected ways", but I didn't anticipate that David Montgomery was going to be the main guy!

Montgomery coming out here with 21 carries is just wild, and again fantasy doesn't matter and they got the dub, but I cant comprehend it. Hand up, it might be a week one overreaction, but still.

I have a future that Detroit is going to win the NFC North, and I'm not one of those fantasy guys that DM people in anger when they don't drop 20 points. All I'm saying is if you say one thing, let's make it happen. I'm all aboard to D-Town hype train and I think Jahmyr Gibbs has Offensive Rookie of the Year potential, I just want to see it come to fruition.


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