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Do Your Job - Calling the Shots


An Account of the 2022 New England Patriots Season

Chapter Three - Calling the Shots

If you’ve kept up with the Patriots this season, you’re familiar with the play calling saga.

If you’re new to football, here’s how it normally works: teams typically hire a whole staff for one specific aspect of the game…offense or defense. The “offensive coordinator” calls the offensive plays - same for defense.

But no, that’s far too complicated for the New England Patriots.

Historically, it’s been Josh McDaniels calling the shots for the offense. After spending a bulk of the last few years being purged by other teams offering a head coaching position, he finally caved to the Las Vegas Raiders, who had the position open after Jon Gruden was fired.

Now, with McDaniels gone, BB has employed a unique tactic - get two former head coaches (both former Pats assistants) back in the ring.

Matt Patricia’s career with the Lions came to a screeching halt this past offseason, as his 13-29-1 record made it clear he wasn’t cut out for the Motor City. And the same with Joe Judge, whose two years calling plays for the New York Giants was lackluster at best.

In 2022, Judge and Patricia are both back as offensive assistants. But the big question on everyone’s mind is a simple one: who’s calling the plays?

The short answer? Right now, it's unclear.

Bill Belichick obviously has had a knack for ambiguity. Whether that's by design, or accidental, we'll never quite now (again, the word mysterious comes to mind). With this saga, it's no different. First, it was Matt Patricia as the presumptive heir to the McDaniels throne. Then, Joe Judge was hired to "reinforce the offensive play calling." Then, the waters muddied even more over the offseason - what are the distribution of responsibilities, and who's getting the reps?

BB's answer: "it's a process." Then, when asked a few weeks ago, it was somehow even more unclear.

Right now, it seems like it's Matt Patricia's job to lose. Especially with the below quote on "Communication with the quarterback."

Mac Jones certainly seems to prefer one coach over the other...

...but then part of me thinks it doesn't even matter.

One thing is for sure...some fans are livid that this is even a discussion. Are Joe Judge and Matt Patricia the right people to even be considered to call plays for Mac Jones? I'm sure not convinced, similar to Austin Planet's take here.

Hope they prove me wrong.


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