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Downtown Providence is looking like a scene from an Alfred Hitchcock movie. Why all the birds?

Photo: Will Tondo Photography


As the weather starts to warm up this spring, Providence and the downtown area are beginning to come alive. People are walking the streets and soaking up the sun. As of this week, they are also stopping in their tracks to view the swarm of hundreds of birds that are flocking around the skyline and the river.

From the Pedestrian Bridge to the Superman Building, hundreds of gulls are feasting on the abundance of fish that are present in the Providence river. For some people, they are confused, for others they snap a picture on go on their way. For the pop culture nerds and the "birds aren't real" believers, this is a scene out of Alfred Hitchcock "The Birds" movie.

The Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management has stated the gulls have circulated because of a recent fish kill in the river. The fish dies because of the large schools they have formed, resulting in less oxygen being present in the packs. They stated that because of the mild winter, more schools of the menhaden fish have been hanging in the rivers in larger forms, resulting in the all you can eat buffet for the birds.

They seem to be harmless, but will continue to circle the skies to enjoy the abundance of free fish that are floating in the river. Who knows how long this will last, but for now, watch out!


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