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Draymond Green Strikes Jordan Poole During Physical Altercation

Draymond Green and Jordan Poole got in a physical altercation Wednesday night at practice which ending in Draymond striking Poole. Many believe the altercation has been boiling over since the beginning of training camp due to the fact that both are up for contract extensions. Poole will most likely receive a contract extension in the coming weeks, while Green will have to play his season out.

The Athletic first reported the altercation and that the Warriors were considering disciplinary action against Green.

According to the article, Green was apologetic and emotional in the locker room after the incident. Jordan Poole wasn't hurt by the punch and completed his workout before leaving the practice facility on Wednesday.

The internet to no one's surprise was filled with memes and jokes. Most of the jokes were that Jordan Poole said something bad about Lebron which caused Draymond to lash out. Draymond is a known Lebron d**k rider and a part of Klutch Sports.

Andre Iguodala took to Twitter to speak on the incident late Wednesday night.

As a die hard Clipper fan, I don't mind the idea of other teams' chemistry going up in flames. I mean, especially the Warriors who are looking to go back to back this season. However, I think the Warriors are too good for chemistry to mess up their success, especially since they are mostly running it back with the same squad.

However, I will admit that the NBA is always filled with insane drama. Every year, I kinda lose more interest in the NBA because I grow more interested in NFL and NCAAF. However, there is just always something crazy going on every week of the NBA season. I hope Draymond hops on his podcast to discuss.

And this is just the preseason! Buckle up folks, should be a fun NBA season.


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