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Normal Guy, Lazy Eye Episode 99: Rob Perez

On this week's episode of Normal Guy, Lazy Eye:

Our next guest is a man of many talents! As he puts it, he is either running, taking photographs, or sometimes both. It’s called runtography - In 2023 he is challenging himself to run 50 marathons, and fresh off a 40 miler in New York City, I’m just happy he’s sitting down for this interview - he has over 10K followers on social media, one of them being me - and the best mustache on the internet - I’m of course talking about Rob Perez! Rob and Jerod talk all about what it means to join a run community and how to create a true sense of one. Rob has been creating content over the last year sharing this inclusive community and encouraging more and more people to get out there! An incredible interview with an incredible person!

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