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Exclusive Interview: Boston's Greg Hill is the definition of "for the people".

In the city of Boston, the name Greg Hill is well known amongst many.

At the forefront of Boston Media, he's the host of the "Greg Hill Show" on WEEI and Audacy, which features weekly interviews with Bill Belichick during Patriots season. When he isn't chatting it up on the mics, he's running around the city overseeing one of his various endeavors, including my personal favorite 'Howl at the Moon'.

Most notably, he is the the founder of The Greg Hill Foundation, which responds to immediate requests for assistance, to improve the lives of local families touched by tragedy, through matching the charitable donation of Greg’s media audience. Since it's inception, the foundation has raised over $13 million dollars on over 65,000 donations.

I jokingly appointed Greg Hill as Mr. Boston, but the statement could be quite true. Hill is a man that wears many hats and all-in-all, he's a man of the people.

House Enterprise had the opportunity to sit down with Greg at a Boston Marathon fundraiser in honor of his foundation. He shares the deep mission of his foundation, the importance of the Boston community, and a deep dive on New England sports.


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