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Family mindset, philanthropic background, and craft beer community are keys to Dead Low's success.

It was a kitchen table years ago, where Christine Hall and her family gathered. The chatted about a passion of theirs, a dream and a mission to start a brewery. Fast forward to 2019, with her family members are friend Yvan Demosthenes, Dead Low Brewing became a reality. Dead Low's story is all about navigating life and the uncertainty that comes along the way. They believes that life chats over a couple of beers, can lead to a clear head and great connections.Dead Low is the minimum depth a river is navigable. If you can't find Dead Low, you run aground. So Dead Low is really the story of life. It’s the story of navigating uncertain waters in service of your crew and the communities you meet along the way.

Between a rich historic city filled with a booming craft beer community, a strong support system of family and friends, and great beer; Dead Low has the keys for success. What's most amazing about their story is their philanthropic roots are implanted throughout the community. Their Beer-It-Forward program stands out the most. Dead Low offers an opportunity for guests to pre-purchase a pint or growler for a future guest who works in an industry that serves others. They revere our Military and Veterans and recognize the sacrifices that First Responders make every single day to keep us safe. You can purchase a BEER-IT-FORWARD at this LINK or stop into the taproom in Cincinnati anytime!

Christine and Yvan join the podcast this week (16:29) to kickoff 2022! We discuss the sneakily booming craft beer industry in Cincinnati (80+ craft breweries and growing), starting a brewery in the midst of COVID-19, and even snagged an invite to Bockfest in March 2022! One thing is for sure; you need to get to Cincinnati if you are a craft beer lover like us.


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