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Five years later and Harambe is not forgotten. A new statue is ready to rival New York's iconic Bull

From investors to New York tourists, everyone is well aware of the Charging Bull. The bronze sculpture stands in the financial district, and was created in due to stock market crash in 1987. Ultimately, the bull has become a universal symbol of the American stock market and big business.

The universal symbol for the "retail investor" now has an animal mascot, too. A Gorilla. Earlier this week, a bronze statue was put up, facing towards the Charging Bull. The 7-foot-tall statue is dedicated to the most famous Gorilla in the world... Harambe (RIP). Back in 2016, the Cincinnati Zoo gorilla was killed and it made shock waves across social media. Harambe is now the face of the next generation of investing and American business.

Accompanied by 10,000 bananas (which were later donated to a local foodbank), the statue is dedicated to "putting the needs and welfare of human beings first,” and also signifying that Wall Street has gone "completely bananas".

The organizers, founders of Sapien.Network, felt this was a necessary statement to show that Wall Street is "wholly out of touch with the needs of everyday people." The symbol of Harambe to represent the millions who struggle under a U.S. capitalist system.

“Though the gorilla never acted aggressively toward the child, Harambe was shot by zookeepers who were fearful for the child’s safety. The bronze statue of Harambe, contrasted with the bronze Charging Bull of Wall Street, represents the millions of everyday people who struggle under a system that enriches wealthy elites and leaves the average person behind.” - Sapien.Network

The co-founders, Robert Giometti, Tejay Aluru and Ankit Bhatia, have created something so simple yet so smart.

  • Find a symbol that represents the struggle. Enter Harambe

  • One of the biggest "Pro Meme Stock" advocates, Elon Musk, loves Harambe

  • Place it at the forefront of the financial district In front of Wall Street's own symbol

  • Be the good guy and donate the food so it doesn't go to waste.

This representation, simplicity, messaging, and connection to common society is something that Americans can get around to. Harambe took the internet by storm years ago, but this statue I felt was "brushed under the rug". I don't know why, but this is a major statement for the retail investor and average American. This won't be the last we see of the statue, follow along on Twitter to find out #WheresHarambeGoing next.


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