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Former Bryant Football and Lacrosse star, Tom Kennedy, drops a DIME for first career touchdown.

If Week 18 isn't wild enough, the Lions just performed some trickery in their final game of the season. For his first pass and first touchdown of his career, wide receiver (yes not quarterback) Tom Kennedy dropped an absolute dime for a Sports Center Top 10 highlight reel.

Off the snap, Jared Goff pitched the ball to the running back, and then TK received a reserve pitch and immediately tossed the ball to wide-open Kalif Raymond. He beat the defense and torched the defense over 50 yards up the field. This brought the game tied at 7.

According to Detroit's PR team, he is only the 3rd WR in franchise history to throw a TD pass and his 75-yarder is the longest by a WR in franchise history. This marks the first TD of Kennedy's career. It's also tied for he Lions' longest completions since 2015.

The NFL hoped in and said this is the longest TD pass by a wide receiver since Bronco's Cedric Tillman threw a 82-yard score on Dec. 6, 1992.

Without playoffs out of sight, I am all for the sorcery and special plays. Helluva throw from TK, and social media is eating it up.

Fans have seen enough today. TK > Aaron Rodgers. Go Dawgs, baby!


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