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Former Bryant Star Peter Kiss and New York Native Nate McGrory present "Breakout Hoops NYC"

Every one of our listeners will know the hero of Bryant Basketball's championship season in 2022, and today he joins us on the pod to discuss his new venture. Peter Kiss, alongside co-founder Nate McGrory, joins the show to break down all things hoops, and especially the up-and-coming grassroots basketball organization Breakout Hoops NYC.

We discuss Peter's lauded college basketball career, what his stops at Quinnipiac & Rutgers taught him, and how he chose Bryant as his final - and most notable - stop. The nation's leading scorer in 2022, Pete talks over his biggest influences as a player and where some of his motivation comes from. While Nate's path was a bit different, he gives his perspective on revitalizing a basketball program at HSMSE in New York, where he discovered his desire to become a coach and mentor.

Pete & Nate discuss the founding of Breakout Hoops NYC, the product of their effort to share their love of the game with up-and-coming hoopers in New York. We discuss the upcoming programs, some of their expansion plans, and recruiting both athletes and coaches to participate. It's a busy week in the sports world, and we're discussing it all!

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