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Founders and Friends Interview Series: Focus Forward Media Co-Founder, Mike Neilan

Every founder has a story. Mike Neilan's story comes from an accident. After a skateboarding injury that took him out, Mike picked up a camera in 2009 and hasn't turned back since.

With a new passion, Mike went to college, gained experience, built his portfolio, and years later met his Co-Founder (ironically named Mike). The two met at a job and instantly hit it off. They knew their talents meshed well, and were ready to make a brand for themselves.

It wasn't until 2018 where their dreams became a reality. Now a few years later, over 50 clients worth of work, a new office space, and a team being built, Focus Forward Media has taken the Ocean State by storm.

We sit down with Mike to talk about starting a company in Rhode Island, how to take a leap of faith, and what the future looks like for Focus Forward Media.


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