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Founders and Friends: Welcome To The Gilded Age

Come party in a Newport Mansion, for a once in a lifetime summer networking bash.

Located at the Belcourt, which is a historic mansion located on Bellevue Avenue in Newport with a rich history dating back to the 19th century. It stands as a testament to the Gilded Age era, captivating visitors with its remarkable architecture, historical significance, and role in Newport’s social history.

In 2012, Belcourt was purchased by jewelry designer and Rhode Island entrepreneur Carolyn Rafaelian. Carolyn has since embarked on an extensive restoration project to bring the mansion back to its original splendor aimed at preserving its historic features and showcasing rotating exhibits as part of the “Museum at Belcourt.”



  • Time: August 24th, 7-10pm

  • Where: Belcourt Mansion

  • Parking: We suggest purchasing the Valet Parking pass as all other parking to non-pass holders will be offsite - no on-site parking will be provided to non pass holders.

  • What is included in your ticket?

    • Unlimited Drinks

    • Food

    • Exclusive access to this beautiful event

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