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Fred VanVleet Gave A Legendary Interview Calling Out NBA Refs For Being the Absolute Worst

This is awesome. The Raptors got absolutely screwed Monday night against the Nuggets by the refs, and then again last night against the Clippers. The refs especially in the NBA are the worst and I'm glad FVV is calling them out. It is even better that he directly called out Ben Taylor too.

He will obviously be fined by this, but he definitely does not care at all. The NBA officiating has been so horrible in the past 20 years and it is by far the worst in all professional leagues. I think college basketball is the worst in all sports, but at a pro level, NBA is the worst. I mean this is the league that employed Tim Donaghy and still employs Scott Foster. However, I will admit I am a Scott Foster fan because he hates Chris Paul more than me.

Someone on the NBA reddit did a little research and found out that FVV has gotten a technical from Ben Taylor from Ben Taylor in 4 out of 6 games he's reffed this year. FVV has 8 technically this year and 5 have come from Ben Taylor.

Anyways, Big props to FVV. Legendary interview. Do not fine him coward Silver.


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