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From Bryant Hoops to the NBA, Curtis Oakley Jr. shares his story.

Curtis Oakley Jr. grew up with high expectations. The nephew of NBA All Star and 19-year veteran Charles Oakley, Curtis had basketball in his blood - the question became, where would it lead him?

Curtis discusses his journey with basketball - from Charles Brush High School in the Cleveland area, to getting recruited by a small D1 school on a hill in Smithfield, Rhode Island. We discuss some of his favorite moments at Bryant, "The Shot Heard 'Round Smithfield," and getting to play against future NBA talent at UConn, Duke, and Indiana.

Curtis, who is currently excelling in an NBA career as an analytics manager with the League Operations group, takes us through his decision to chase his dream in professional basketball, and what went into his decision to get involved in the NBA. We discuss his role with the up-and-coming Basketball Africa League, his dream job within the NBA, and advice for former college athletes that were once in his shoes.


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