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From corporate journalism to a sports startup, how RJ Kaminski is building a brand with the PLL.

RJ Kaminski was one of the OG’s to build the Premier Lacrosse League from ground zero when the Rabil brothers founded it in 2019. Fast forward to 2022, and the PLL has taken off. Since it's first year, Total viewership on NBCSN grew +29%, Live Minutes Streamed was up +302%, the leagues revenue was up 56%, and their total social media impressions surpassed 413M (+85%).

At the 22:00 minute mark, RJ hops on the pod to talk about his origins with the PLL, what he’s learned through growing and scaling the PLL’s impressions, and the role influencers & investors play in shaping the future of the league. RJ also discusses the early challenges of the league, such as getting athletes on camera and turning them into “celebrities.”

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