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From home brewing on a Monday night to building an empire, this Georgia Brewery story is incredible.

We take you outside of New England and all the way down to Georgia to hear from one of the states (and countries) award winning breweries.

Pizza and beer are one of the best duos on earth. But using yeast from beer to make the some of the best pizza in the South?! Only the guys at Monday Night Brewing could think such a combo. One of Atlanta’s most well-known brewing brands, Monday Night was founded on the notion that “weekends are overrated” (spoiler, we agree).

Co-founder Joel Iverson and Brewmaster Peter Kiley join us to chat about the inception of Monday Night, their growth into Birmingham and Nashville, and taking home 27 separate awards this year. Of course, we also break down their journey into making pizza and their innovative idea of re-using yeast from the beer they’ve made on site.


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