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From idea to real life, my beer brewed by Newport Craft. Introducing "Apple of RI".

A few months back, our friends over at Newport Craft put out a contest seeking ideas for an experiment beer with their new small batch system.

Multiple people entered, but an idea that I had took home the contest.

A Cranberry Apple Ale

After speaking with the Newport team, and brainstorming some ideas, head brewer Scott Douglas worked his magic. They decided to brew a graf, or a take on a beer/cider hybrid. 49% of the fermentable sugars would be taken from apple concentrate and the other 51% would come from malted barley. He added some cranberries to the fermenter and poof, "Apple of R.I." A few weeks later and we got invited down to try the beer ourselves.

Let me tell you, bias aside, one of the top apple sour styles I've had in minute. A nice light and refreshing 4% ABV, you can taste the blend of apples, cranberries, and barley. It's not too sweet or sour, and just the perfect amount of taste. I appreciate the opportunity to collab and if you're in the Newport area, swing on down to Newport Craft to try it yourselves!


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