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From the smallest state to the biggest stage, America's Got Talent Finalist -Tom Cotter!

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

You may have seen him getting praised by America's Got Talent judges on cable TV, or comparing the lyrics of "W.A.P." to "Baby It's Cold Outside" on TikTok, or donning a Providence or URI shirt on stage at a New York City comedy club. Either way, you definitely know Tom Cotter.

In an exclusive interview with BBB's first ever comedian guest, Tom Cotter has us laughing like we've never done before on the show. Tom takes us back to his days growing up in Providence, discovering his love for comedy at Denison University, and making it a full-time career.

As the first comedian ever to reach the finals of NBC's America's Got Talent, Tom's career rapidly took off - he collaborated with Jay Leno, Howard Stern, and other well-known comedians, as well as participating in an AGT Judge Roast of the late Joan Rivers. We discuss what it takes to be a comedian in today's world and turning the "brand" of a comedian into a business.

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