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Frosty Boi Friday Episode 7

Well its clear….. I should stick with craft beer. On todays episode of Frosty Boi Friday, I blindly taste 5 light beers and see if I can guess which one is which.

Before people start hating this is WAY harder than expected. I thought I was going to go 5/5 but turns out I am not as good at this as I thought. I have a feeling that we attribute taste with what we see on the can. When doing this blindly, it becomes 10x harder to decipher which is Natty and which is Coors.

My helpers were as shocked as I was, so I put their taste buds to the test. After we recorded this I had them each try and guess 3 beers blindfolded to prove to them just really how hard this was. And guess what? They couldn’t do it either.

Happy Friday and Stay Frosty


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