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Frosty Boi Fridays Episode 18


On today’s Episode of Frosty Boi Friday, I welcome on a very special guest Ray Pickup head brewer/Founder of @rockportbrewingco

We had a great conversation about his rise into the beer wold as we sipped the "Twing Lights" DIPA. #frostyboifriday

Instead of a shotgun, I used my handy @drafttop

Twin Lights DIPA

ABV: 8.2%


Our Rating:

- Me: 8.1/10

- Ray 7.9/10

Shotgun Rating:

-Me: 10/10

Special Shoutout to my two amazing friends @meaghan_kiley and @thomasjher for getting engaged on Frosty Boi Friday. I hope all your Fridays are FROOOOOSTY

As always this review is Sponsored by @proofsomerville . If you are in somerville and looking for a wide selection of amazing craft beers, head on over and they will take care of you!

Cheers and Stay Frosty,

The Boston Beer Guy

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